In film, techno music usually signifies crossing into a new realm. That could mean attending a crowded rave, or simply driving down a dark highway leading to nowhere. Even without a visual component, electronic music still can have an intoxicating effect that will transport your mind, and for TTilawok of Stockholm, memories are embedded into the music. His new album, Into Memory, marks a new chapter in his life; listen to his brand new single, 'Without Us', below.

Originally from California, the photographer known as TJ Perrin moved to Stockholm at his first chance of freedom and began making music as TTilawok. Some of his beats are as cold as his new home, but there is an unmistakable excitement in what he does, shifting between house, acid, and trance influences. “Without Us” is the final track on the record, which in context represents finality among tracks that reflect the past, but a single whining drone tells us there is still much ahead of us. TTilawok explains further:

“All ten songs on the album refer back to memories from the last few years. These were the years where life really started, after finishing school and leaving home. Into Memory stands for the process of navigating back to those memories, and not forgetting that process."

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