This is cool. It's a song with a sweetly simple title, 'Hi', and it's by a Sydney-born, Berlin-based musicmaker called Sarah Jullienne (it's two L's as she spells it), who is creating stuff under the moniker SUIIX (or suiix?).

With breezy hip-hop-flavoured drums and a carefully cut synth bassline, a rich saw wave, the vocals reverb with a dreamy foreverness – the perfect start to this desert-flavoured track, suitably tagged as "lazy synthpop" on SoundCloud. It turns more psychedelic towards the end, with sitar sounds creeping in over torrential synth washes building into a crescendo that breaks into the clarity we experienced at the beginning, overall quite a sonic experience.

She has literally 12 followers on SoundCloud (at time of writing). Go support this interesting new artist.