A new trailer for the remake of 1992 platformer Flashback has surfaced showing a behind the scenes interview with the developers and some gameplay: it's looking absolutely stunning.

The developers talk at length about how they want to keep true to the heart of the series whilst updating the game with a more modern sheen. To that extent, certain things were updated that they couldn't produce with the original game back in 1992 due to technical limitations, such as combat, that is now more robust.

According to the gameplay footage the game is more of a scrolling platformer now instead of a screen-by-loading screen platformer akin to the Prince of Persia series or Another World.

The original game was known for utilising the same artistic seen in Another World with most of the in-game assets being created via rotoscoping technology. It's this unique art style that has made this game legendary , but it's something that, sadly, we won't see in the remake as the style could be seen as 'outdated technology'.

Regardless, the gameplay footage we have from this trailer is looking absolutely lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on this game, both for nostalgia's sake and because it looks like a pretty flashy (no pun intended) experience.