Remember those films in the eighties you loved, the ones you think you are too cool to admit to liking these days? Remember how good they made you feel? New Build’s Yesterday Was Lived And Lost, released on their own Lanark Recordings, makes you feel like that. And frankly, I don’t think New Build give a stuff about being part of the ‘hipster’ musical mob, which is one of the many reasons this album is such a joy.

Perhaps an odd allegory, but there is no doubting the eighties electro influence in this album. The synths and upbeat tempos are familiar, without sounding like they are drifting back in time completely. Mix that with vocals that are smooth and soothing, yet multilayered, and you have something incredibly pleasing to the ear. As the album moves onward, more electronic, house & techno influences creep in, but in their own inimitable style. This may sound like it would make for a confused album, but it is anything but. New Build are eclectic, quirky and make no apologies for it, thank goodness. Their influences quite obviously come from a whole range of musical genres, and they all come together in an extremely multi layered album. Some of the stand out tracks of the album are ‘Medication’, an unadulterated celebration of 80’s synth pop, but the slightly melancholy vocals stop it from becoming bubble gum sweet. The first single off the album ‘Do You Not feel Loved’. Throws the listener out on a loop introducing those house and techno influences I mentioned earlier. Dare I compare it to ‘happy house’, or trance? I might get shot for that comment, so best call the track uplifting, the hooks and tempo building the song into a crescendo of sound. ‘Mercy’ is another beautiful example of their impulsive sound. Lulling you into a sense of slide guitar sounding riffsat the beginning of the song, but before you know it, the beats have started again, and the song is turned on its head to incorporate clipped blocks of sound that get your feet taping again.

New Build, the musical love child of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, Al Doyle, Felix Martin, plus engineer Tom Hopkins, it was first conceived as a collective idea, with a rotating cast of players. They work with people they know and love, including vocals from Janine Rostron (PLANNINGTOROCK), the Bolton born vocalist and producer and the superb artwork is by the artists Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle. Bevis is the brother of New Build member Felix. Their live band consists of 7 members and this in itself is a tour de force in their new incarnation.

Although the majority of the songs are bought together by lyrical melancholy, I defy you not to feel happy after listening to the New Build album. A true and unique treat for the ears.