Band: Blitzen Trapper Release: Black River Killer EP Out: 24th August 2009 Buy: Sub Pop Blitzen Trapper are a multi-talented sextet from Portland, Oregon. (Yep, another band from Portland, there's something in the water there). They have been doing the rounds of indie circles in the US for a while now - they first got together back in 2000. If you don't know them as yet, then you really should. Seriously, go and investigate them now. They already have four full-length albums under their belts for you to get your teeth into and are to release the 'Black River Killer EP' in late August through Sub Pop. Quite frankly, as you would expect from a Sub Pop record, it's great. The EP leads with 'Black River Killer' which was also included on 2008's critically acclaimed (and rather sublime) album 'Furr'. As the title perhaps hints at, this tells a rather dark tale of a pretty damn disturbing murderer who jumps from state to state doing his business. Despite this the sound is not hardcore punk, it's not goth rock, instead the americana-folk Blitzen Trapper sound takes influence from icons like Neil Young and Bob Dylan. The remaining six songs on the EP span the band's career and had previously only been available on CDR being sold at live performances or via ebay. Check out a live accoustic performace of 'Black River Killer' here: The 'Trappers are going to be a busy bunch in the next couple of months as they go on tour with both Fleet Foxes and Wilco across Europe - THAT's how good this band are - and they have a few headline shows of their own around the UK to coincide with this release. When they come to a venue near you, you need to be there. 8/10 Track to download: 'Black River Killer' Track to skip: 'Going Down' Pigeonhole with: Bob Dylan, Wilco Twitter Review: Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer - Portland's favourite folksters release a great 7-track EP. Lead song features on 2008s awesome LP Furr