Berlin based Swede and alt-pop artist, New Found Land (Anna Roxenholt) is currently anticipating the release of her fourth album Lore, brimming with electronic fusion and quirky pop melodies. Leading up to May 27's release date, she's delivered an incredible abstract-inspired video for album cut 'Chateau,' which was directed by the talented Sophia Söderqvist.

"My first thought was to make a video that looked like abstract painting, inspired by the German painter Gerhard Richter," Sophia said of the process. "I wanted to base the video on a single shot with Anna's face and different color fields flowing in and out, a fairly minimalist idea. However, both Anna and I soon realized that her song required a little more "action", and when looking at the artwork for Anna’s new album (with paintings by the Japanese artist Kei Imazu), I came to think of Salvador Dali. So the whole video is actually based on various paintings by Dali. Some things are pure theft, but most of it are my own interpretations or remakes. There is no clear storyline in the video, but I have my own structure that evolves around the four elements and this also fits well with the song. In the end the concept "less is more" turned into "more is more, is more". Why hold it back?"

New Found Land will celebrate her album release in concert in Kantine am Berghain (Berlin). Stay tuned for an upcoming tour announcement.