Above: Judith Lyons – 'A Different Nature', 2009 A brand new pop-up gallery project, named Folie à Deux, is due to start in November with an exhibition, entitled I have this strange kind of feeling and I just can’t place it… It will be held at the ex ice cream factory, now art gallery, the Utrophia Project Space, in New Cross, London. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Keith Roberts – 'Original Crossing', 2008 This exhibition will feature the work of artists, Judith Lyons, Nina Mankin, Giulia Ricci, Keith Roberts and Nina Royle. They are showing works that include installations and photographs, all of which reflect underlying themes of man's relationship with nature and the way memory and emotion affect out perception of the world. "Together, these reflective pieces subtly reveal our complex relationship with our environment, the ways in which we shape it, and are in turn shaped by it." Image and video hosting by TinyPic Giulia Ricci – 'Untitled', 2010 The show will run from 11th to 28th November and there will also be performances from Alessi's Ark, Mariner’s Children, Amber States and Mauricio Velasierra. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Nina Royle – 'Amber Room', 2009 For information visit the Folie à Deux blog here All images © the artists