Well, this is certainly something. Here’s ‘Tangerine,’ the latest single release from new Los Angeles-based Godmode Music signee Aaron Childs (the son of the jazz pianist Billy Childs). After adding a spectral touch to the contemporary house and techno scenes with their work with New York’s Yaeji, ‘Tangerine,’ sees The American Music Company helping Childs recast soul music in his own image, as informed by the influence of new era R&B artists like Frank Ocean, Miguel, and their peers.

Set against ambient incidentals, a hip-hugging rhythmic shuffle, and wavy, psychedelic guitar, Childs deploys his rich, vintage-era croon, using a synesthesic refrain of “Tangerine / That’s how it tastes when I think about you,” as the central theme for a woozy, morning after meditation on the sweet, but quickly fading memories of something that could have been pretty special, and for a brief moment of time, actually was. As it builds and develops, Childs and the Godmode team deploy some moments of beautifully textured sonic experimentation, in the process taking the sentiment at the heart of ‘Tangerine,’ and expanding it into something that continues to flutter and dance through the theatre of the mind long after the song’s stopped playing.