Italo-Canadian Jonathan Clancy, aka His Clancyness, is set to release his debut album, Vicious, on October 7th through Fat Cat Records, but some of its bold pop tracks are already out there for you to hear.

After having made 'Machines' available as the first single (also on the Charade EP, with a Hitchcock-inspired video), it's time for the solid, unsettling 'Zenith Diamonds' to make an appearance. Listen below.


  • 1. Safe Around The Edges
  • 2. Miss Out These Days
  • 3. Gold Diggers
  • 4. Hunting Men
  • 5. Slash The Night
  • 6. Run Wild
  • 7. Machines
  • 8. Avenue
  • 9. Crystal Clear
  • 10 Zenith Diamond
  • 11 Castle Sand Ambient
  • 12 Progress

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