Worrying about prom, dealing with acne, and signing to multiple record labels. Ah, the universally shared experiences of being a teenager. At least, that's how it seems for New Jersey band Forth Wanderers, which managed to sign with House Anxiety/Marathon Artists and Father/Daughter before anyone in the band even turned 20.

The five-piece group from Montclair came together as many groups in high school do - based off of a crush. Originally, making music was just something guitarist Ben Guterl tried to do in order to talk to singer Ava Trilling, who was a freshman when he was a junior. Luckily for them, it managed to become something much bigger.

"I had no intention of starting a band, but I thought sending her a demo would be a great excuse to hang out because I knew she sung from middle school," says Guterl. "I sent it to her and nothing came of it. We never got together and I forgot about the song, until eventually I received a demo back from her with vocals on and I just thought 'wow.'" The effort prepped the band's debut EP Mahogany and eventually the new SLOP EP, which features the title track available below.

Listen to 'Slop' and pre-order the EP of the same name today in the U.S. (Father/Daughter) or UK (Marathon Artists), which properly arrives November 11th.