Known for multicultural, internationalist imagery inside and outside of her music, M.I.A took to Twitter yesterday to notify everybody that a video she'd filmed (for a new track, we assume) has been blocked from release over fears of cultural appropriation – never a straightforward issue.

In a series of tweets she then went on to explain that the video was created in Côte d’Ivoire, after taking two years to track down a particular dancer, whom she also revealed is the star of the "1 take shot" video.

She's been the subject of debate before, over videos like 'Bad Girl' – there's a long conversation transcribed about that very thing over on Muslimah Media Watch if you feel like educating yourself.

But here's 'World Town' from her 2007 album Kala, because I'm sure this is her true intention: not the appropriation of different cultures, but instead sharing and celebrating of all cultures. As the song says, "Don't be calling me desperate when I'm knocking on the door / Every wall you build I'll knock it down to the floor." It's one interpretation, anyway.