Welcome to the eleventh edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 8 major cities and regions from across the UK. With the help of regional correspondents, we plan to present our shortlist of new music in Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Norwich, Leeds, London and Oxford.

New Music by Region #10 can be found here!

Photobucket Brighton
  • Name: Stuart Warwick – ‘The Ordeal’
  • For Fans Of: Xiu Xiu, Thom Yorke
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Noel Pearce

Now I wouldn't call Stuart a 'new' artist by any stretch of the imagination (2 albums under his previous guise 'Jacob's Stories' can attest to that) but I thought I'd use this opportunity to blab about this talent. His songs are sparse and delicate, balancing beautiful hushed vocals beside piano and acoustic guitar. Extremely well respected among his peers, Stuart also appeared on the track 'Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute' on this year's new Vessels album. Debut album 'The Ordeal' is out now.

Photobucket Cardiff
  • Name: Palomino Party – ‘Gypsy Prince’
  • For Fans Of: Gogol Bordello, Elephant Stone.
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Emma Dudley

Palomino Party are a five piece, Cardiff based faux Spanish, modern rock band who won Cardiff Oxjam's Battle of the Jams 2011. In the past month they've supported Cave Painting, opened the Nation Stage & almost done a gig a week. Quite impressing for a band just starting out. Palomino Party mix a blend of rock & Spanish music to create a glorious sound & should definitely be on everyone's must listen to list of 2011.

Photobucket Dublin
  • Name: Alarmist - 'Ragged Words'
  • For Fans Of: Tortoise, Battles
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

Remember when everyone wanted to be in Don Caballero? I do. There was a time when you couldn't turn a corner in Dublin without bumping into an instrumental four-piece. Thankfully, alarmist didn't get lost in the deluge and now there's space for their music to grow. And grow it does as beautiful, emotional sweeps are applied to the post-rock template.

Photobucket Glasgow
  • Name: Blank Canvas – ‘By The Fire’
  • For Fans Of: Deerhunter, TV On The Radio.
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Rory Cargill

Edinburgh based four-piece Blank Canvas have deservedly caught the attention of the Scottish music scene, having recently confirmed a support slot with The Twilight Sad and an upcoming gig at Glasgow's massively prestigious venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. Elements of dreamy math combined with sweet, indie melodic guitars and bass are met with the vocals of Matt Berninger come Ed Macfarlane creating an infectious sound from this exciting new talent.

Photobucket London
  • Name: Ideals - 'Reflections'
  • For Fans Of: Editors, Chapel Club
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Liz Jones

Although the London via Ipswich four-piece formed just last year, they've made a rather swift and surprising entry into the world of labels, releases and European tours. A collection of singles was released by Norwich based label Intruder and, in less than two years, the band has a Singles collection and two European tours under the belt. Moreover, there is a forthcoming EP for late November and a debut album slated for 2012.

Photobucket plankpic
  • Name: Plank – 'Self Harm'
  • Website: Myspace
  • For Fans Of: Can, Battles
  • Correspondent: Chris Holland

Manchester currently has a bountiful bunch of three piece bands who are exploring the fringes of rock. While I won't get into the others here (I can save those for other columns) I will say that few of them inspire the awe that Plank do when performing live. With only drum, bass, guitar and the odd sprinkle of synthesisers, Plank manage to recreate miniature kraut classics like a more direct version of Can.

Photobucket Norwich
  • Name: Tristan Mckelvey – ‘The Night’
  • For Fans Of: Fionn Regan, Neil Young.
  • Website: Tristan Mckelvey
  • Correspondent: Alex Carson

Tristan Mckelvey is a singer/songwriter originally from Norwich currently living in London. He released his debut EP “The Night” last year on Bare Feet Records. This nocturnal, soporific sonic offering is a lo-fi, stripped back gem. The whole EP was recorded in one day and mixed and mastered in one night all from the producer’s bedroom. Tristan is now set to release a new EP in the new year and boasts a more instrumental take on his work.

Photobucket Oxford
  • Name: The Graceful Slicks - 'Black and Blue'
  • For Fans Of: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jefferson Airplane.
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

The Graceful Slicks draw a well crafted line between classic psychedelia of yore (see Grateful Dead + Jefferson Airplane etc etc) and 90s shoegaze indie stars such as Ride and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Having made an impressive start on developing a following online and in Oxford, TGS certainly fit the bill of being Ones To Watch. They've supported such drone rock heros as Cloud Control and White Noise Sound and, if they get some the breaks they deserve, they'll be touring with the best of the current scene before we know it.