Welcome to the twentieth edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 8 major cities and regions from across the UK (and Ireland). With the help of regional correspondents, we present our shortlist of new music in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich and Oxford.

New Music by Region #19 can be found here!

music-by-location-Birmingham 1

This somniferous and dreamy ode to Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg has been doing the rounds for a few months; the three-piece from 'Birmingham-on-sands' comprising of Austin, Higgy and Zachary being all about beach bunnies, blunts and Louis Vuitton branded skateboards if their Tumblr is anything to go by. The band and their smooth blend of languorous surf-grunge join the likes of Alabama Shakes, Spoek Mathambo and Rolo Tomassi at The Great Escape in Brighton this May. Primo sounds, bro.

Photobucket Cardiff
  • Name: Sleepy Panda Club – ‘Ghost In The Mirror’
  • For Fans Of: Arcade Fire, Idlewild.
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Joe O'Connell

Five parts Welsh and one part Canadian, this Cardiff-based sextet plays big but melancholic indie rock. This debut single is a case in point: dreamy vocals and delicate plinky-plonky piano lines face off against muscular drums and reverb-laden guitars, bringing to mind all manner of spacious North American indie-rock bands. With so many musicians and instruments, the Arcade Fire comparison is inevitable, but the Pandas also retain an introspective side comparable to Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World.

Photobucket Dublin
  • Name: Wizards of Firetop Mountain – ‘Sonic War’
  • For Fans Of: Queens of the stone age and Black Sabbath.
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

I never had a heavy metal phase. Around about 13 I jumped straight from loving madonna to being obsessed with the smiths and the jesus and mary chain. I sometimes feel I missed out on something cool: never owned a beat up leather jacket; never learned to play guitar properly; never dated metal chicks. The wizards of firetop mountain have all definitely had a metal phase - and they haven't grown out of it. We should be thankful. They rock!

Photobucket London
  • Name: The Nick Tree Band – ‘Creature Comforts''
  • For Fans Of: Mumford & Sons, Marcus Foster
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Liz Jones

Usually I am the one giving the new music tips, but it's nice to receive once in awhile - and this one in particular was a winner. London based songwriter Nick Tree layers perfectly a nice mix of pop, folk, and indie on top of stories from a recent trip across the States. The ensuing EP, "A Story Born In Wonderland", was released only months ago via Hype Music, and contains seven well-articulated folk-pop tracks that are sure to expand the band's modest yet enthusiastic following.

music-by-location-liverpool Liverpool
  • Name: Jethro Fox – ‘Before’
  • For Fans Of: Arcade Fire, Doves
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Emily Arc

Despite him only having released one single, Jethro Fox seems to be getting the recognition he deserves, with his (fantastic) name beginning to crop up all over the place. Self confessed fan of The Hollies and The Beach Boys, he replicates the 'feel-good factor' (I hate that phrase) into debut single 'Before', especially with a clash of percussion and series of handclaps opening the track. Fox also recorded a video for a stripped-back version of Before in a Church in Liverpool, complementing his vocals brilliantly.

Photobucket 4101439361-1
  • Name: Oh Howl – ‘Seven Seals’
  • For Fans Of: Six Organs of Admittance, Palace Brothers
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Chris Holland

If it wasn't for the solitary track on their bandcamp page, there would be no evidence of Oh Howl's existence online. But I swear to you, this band is real, as I have seen their fragile, achingly beautiful take on folk music performed live and let me tell you, it was something special. Consisting of a singer/guitarist with dramatic embellishments from a violin/cello two piece string section, Oh Howl manage to take make music that is at times minimal and brutally emotional, and at others layered, hypnotic and luscious. Now if only they could get some sort of website so we can find out their gig schedule...

Photobucket 1308944573_DSC_1716_jess4_facebook_size
  • Name: Jess Bartlett – ‘Love me Knot’
  • For Fans Of: Joni Mitchell, Fionn Regan
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Alex Carson

Multi-instrumentalist Jess Bartlett is prone to switching tack with each new instrument that she plays, and she clearly states that genre hopping is not something that she is afraid of. I first saw Jess play an entirely piano based set and it had musical reminiscences of early Rufus Wainwright and the lyrical honesty of Joni Mitchell. The recorded versions of these songs resonate beautifully but don’t compare to the intensity they hold live.

Photobucket Oxford
  • Name: My Tricksy Spirit – ‘Free of Stars’
  • For Fans Of: The Antlers, Boards of Canada
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

There's precious little information about My Tricksy Spirit online. That'll be their tricksy nature coming through. However, the track they've posted on soundcloud, 'Free of Stars', is absolutely gorgeous. It appears that the band's Nick Gray is something of Gamelan expert - he's soon to host a Gamelan related event at London's School of Oriental and African studies. Musically MTS fuse chiming, multi layered Indonesian traditional instrumentation with soaring post chillwave vocals, washy synths + guitar and deep bass. A winning formula, and I'm very excited to hear more and see how they do it live.