Welcome to the 22nd edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 7 major cities and regions from across the UK (and Ireland). With the help of regional correspondents, we present our shortlist of new music in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Oxford.

New Music by Region #21 can be found here!

music-by-location-Birmingham Birmingham
  • Name: Chris Tye – ‘New York City Rain (Sam Redmore Remix)’
  • For Fans Of: Gilles Peterson, Metro Area
  • Website: Freestyle Blog
  • Correspondent: Lyle Bignon

Weekly exploratory live night Freestyle currently occupies a tidy spot amongst Birmingham's broad music community, offering up audioclashes that can take in anything from shoegaze, funk, grime or jazz sets alongside party floor-fillers. Curator and resident DJ Sam has a hunger for new sounds and a keen ear for reinterpreting, so the Redmore remix may well become a currency in its own right here in due course. His take on this track by local boy Chris Tye makes for sublime listening.

Photobucket Cardiff
  • Name: Barefoot Dance Of The Sea – ‘531 Miles From Aberdeen To Cardiff’
  • For Fans Of: First Aid Kit
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Joe O'Connell

This all female vocal trio have been transfixing Cardiff audiences for a couple of years, but with their first full length Beneath Closed Eyes primed for release now seems as good a time as any to introduce them to the wider world. All their songs feature beautifully arranged two and three part harmonies (which they absolutely nail live, by the way) accompanied by minimal percussion and delicately plucked acoustic guitars and ukulele. A very British, and very pleasing, take on bluegrass.

Photobucket Nic6015898
  • Name: Rats Blood – ‘Abyss’
  • For Fans Of: Ceremony and Extreme noise terror.
  • Website: Tumblr
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

These are strange times for hardcore punk. With bands like Fucked Up and Ceremony getting the big label treatment, two page spreads in the NME and some bloke from the vaccines claiming Minor Threat as an influence: this might just be the strangest example yet of the mainstream appropriating the sound and values of the underground. So, how do you respond? For Rats Blood it's simple: keep playing shows in basements; keep producing little fanzines; keep releasing tapes; stay true to the original aims; and play like you whole life depends on it. This is raw, brutal stuff. Check it!

Photobucket glasgow
  • Name: The Machine Room – ‘Cost Of Progress’
  • For Fans Of: The Twilight Sad, Cymbals Eat Guitars
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Rory Cargill

Edinburgh based 5-piece The Machine Room create a sound ahead of their time; the 90s springs to mind, with elements of early shoegaze a la Mazzy Star showing face in the electro-synth tunes. Thick with reverberation and exuding a fullness and energy to the band despite the chilled outcome makes for an interesting listen.

Photobucket London
  • Name: Youth Imperial – ‘Lamplight’
  • For Fans Of: To Kill A King, The Maccabees
  • Website: Official Site
  • Correspondent: Liz Jones

I've got two glowing endorsements to make. After catching Youth Imperial's (you should see them) short but stellar set two weeks back at Play All The Things (you should all go), a new open mic night put on by London favourites To Kill A King, all I want them do is release track after track at warp speed. One song is not enough to keep me warm at night.

Photobucket 673122463-1
  • Name: Claw The Thin Ice – ‘Red Water’
  • For Fans Of: Deerhunter, Ride
  • Website: Soundcloud
  • Correspondent: Chris Holland

For something that could be considered a 'one man band', Claw The Thin Ice is hardly the product of some loner who shuns collaborators. Ian Breen- the man behind CTTI- is in more great Manchester bands than he has any right to be, playing as he does in Well Wisher, Borland and Day For Airstrikes. But it seems these other projects weren't satisfying his need for hazy, distorted guitars or indecipherable, yearning vocals and so he started recording solo shoegaze albums. After two such albums, Breen has decided to assemble a full band and start performing the songs live, with the intention for a new album- recorded with the expanded line up- due soon.

Photobucket 430237_10150662418493491_8451968490_9145889_1056600593_n
  • Name: Space Heroes of The People – ‘Plus Electrification’
  • For Fans Of: Underworld, Kraftwerk
  • Website: Website Type
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

Tim and Jo of kraut/techno duo Space Heroes of The People have both played in their share of ace Oxford bands, Tim in particular with his Science Never Sleeps project and Jo was bass player in legendary acts The Evenings and Eeebleee. With SHoTP they are forging a banging path of techno, taking in influence from stadium filling heroes of the genre such as Underworld and Orbital as well as classic electro acts of yore such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Jo's (frequently processed and mutilated) electric double bass sounds ace on record and is a captivating presence on stage. Go see them play ASAP!