Welcome back to New Music by Region. Every fortnight we will present the best new music in nine major cities across the UK (and Ireland). With the help of regional correspondents, we present our shortlist of new music in Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

  • Location: Brighton
  • Name: Caucasian Mountain Dog
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Bee Adamic

Sick of all the tedium and bullshit that infects most of the music business Caucasian Mountain Dog decided to start something for no one else but themselves, playing for fun, singing about anything and meeting awesome new bands. The constant writing began, songs appeared and the shows started. Caucasian Mountain Dog has supported the likes of Japanther, Beautiful Boy, Plum and Clowns to name but a few. Influenced by other two pieces such as The White Stripes and Deap Vally, they decided to build their own sound, using a foot organ to add sub bass lines to their grungy surf noise.

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Name: Ghosts of Dead Airplanes
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Lyle Bignon

This brand new track from the Brummie noise quartet, a one-off single split with Glasgow's indie-poppers Bis released for Record Store Day 2014, is as fuzzy as Chewbacca's five o'clock shadow, with the raw energy of The Stooges and the verve of classic Britpop bands like Mansun and Longpigs - only with way more synth. A storming first single.

  • Location: Cardiff
  • Name: Radstewart
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Joe O'Connell

Insane Parties is like any other Radstewart song: hooky, lyrically droll and god damn excellent. This first taste from their forthcoming Wiccans and Beatlemancers EP on Alcopop! Records (released 17 March) precedes a slew of tour dates with fellow wonky Welshies Mowbird this month and 21st century-indie royalty Johnny Foreigner in March and April, providing plenty of opportunities for the populous to engage with their endearing live set. Here in Cardiff we're over their name, over their Pavementisms and hold them close to our hearts as one of the city's best bands.

A new experimental folk two-piece made up of producer Harry Bookless (Little Xs for Eyes) and singer-songwriter Aaron Page (Water Cycle), Carriage's have recorded from bedroom studios to the National Concert Hall. Some of their most exciting work is done outdoors though, where Harry collects found sounds from which he spins intricate beats and musical backdrops to accompany Aaron’s delicate songwriting and guitar work. Forests, beaches, abandoned rooms – these are the places from which Carriages draw their sounds. Truly folk music for the modern age.

Glasgow is brimming with great rock n roll bands right now, and The Velveteen Saints are at the forefront. With a strong 60’s vibe and sound, their catchy choruses and driving riffs can only be hidden from the mainstream for so long.

    • Location: Leeds
    • Name: Adult Jazz
    • Website: Facebook
    • Correspondent: Emily Tan

    When I think jazz, I think about elaborate brass sections and cleverly crafted improvisations on the pianos. As for Adult Jazz, they take that idea of cool musical workmanship to another level. If you've heard Adult Jazz's 'Springful' last December, it's obvious that this quartet is more than just the typical indie band to come out of Leeds. Layering instrumentals on top of one another to make an orchestral vibe, they are like Dirty Projectors with a classic twist.

    After the success of the inaugural Liverpool Psyche Festival last year there is somewhat of a revival happening in Merseyside at the moment (Liverpool was actually called "the great psychedelic capital of Europe" in the Guardian recently) and local gents Sankofa are one of stand out artists creating rather lovely washed out tracks such as Guttermouth.

    London based singer-songwriter Inca makes what I would describe as 'interesting pop music'. While at the heart of Inca's music lies well-constructed pop sentiment, her sound is much more complex, comprising of distinctive, atmospheric instrumentation and dark, bitter-sweet hooks.

  • Location: Manchester
  • Name: We The Dead
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Michelle Lloyd

Brooding four-piece We The Dead are one of the first acts on nouveau tantalising Manchester label Victoria Warehouse Records’ roster. Specialising in tangled micro-melodies and chilling vocal harmonies with prevailing drums: their ‘Kahuna’ EP awash with ponderous fuzzy guitars and languishing reverbs. With a strong visual aesthetic and a keen eye for artwork they release their ‘Victor’ EP on March the 10th with some pretty ominous looking wolf like creatures.

Identical twins Daniel and Graeme Ross have played across Tyneside in recent years under a different moniker but it was around the time the brothers moved to Chicago that Gallery Circus started to take its current form, playing their powerful ‘anti-garage’ around Wicker Park, sleeping in venues and putting on their own DIY gigs on rooftops. The duo are now back in Newcastle and have been playing around the country in support of latest track Supercell, the intuitive interplay between them on stage is a sight to behold and they’re one of the loudest two-pieces you’ll hear!