Welcome back to New Music by Region. Every fortnight we will present the best new music in nine major cities across the UK (and Ireland). With the help of regional correspondents, we present our shortlist of new music in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Name: Terrorbyte
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Lyle Bignon

As well as heading up electronic label Beta Birmingham, Terrorbyte has been steadily DJing and producing in the city for an eon compared to the youngers that usually feature here. That just means more experience to deliver fresh packets of the kind of sharp glitch hop that you could slice through concrete with if it wasn't, in his words, such "an intense despicable system of data." Regularly processing new future bass tracks like this slammer and teaming up with label mates Automaton and DMC champ Switch for global broadcasts and compilations is standard procedure in Terrorbyte world. Go check.

  • Location: Cardiff
  • Name: We're No Heroes
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Joe O'Connell

We're No Heroes have been building their rep for a few years, emerging as dry post-punkers at the turn of the decade before developing into the funky math beast they are today. The word 'tight' is bandied around all over the place, but every aspect of this band is just that: shifty disco beats, syncopated guitars and flawless vocal-passing. New EP Shiver is released 10 May, celebrated with a stellar launch show at Cardiff's Moon Club on the same day.

Beach deal in guitar music, but of a quite different variety to most around town. Their term space grunge may sound vague but it does sort of sum them up. There's plenty of electric action, yet countered with all sorts of interesting diversions. The bass bobs and weaves its way in and out of dub rhythms, while singer Dave Barrett commands your attention without really trying. All this after only a year together - staggering.

It's almost hard to believe this fantastic band come from Glasgow. Their chilled-out country/folk music screams laidback days in the southern states of the ol' US of A. There's some soulful, bluesy tinges to some of their tracks too, which make Harry and the Hendersons all the more enjoyable. Check out Home on the Hill, it has an almost Magic Numbers feel to it..

    For Leeds locals who want something they can really jump around to, the Glass Caves have been fulfilling that need. With speedy rhythms and guitar riffs, they can easily be compared to the Arctic Monkeys, who they so happen to call as influences. However, they sound a bit more gritty and punk than vintage rock and roll. Either way, their indie rock intuition will grab and shake you till you're ready to dance it out on the dance floor. Their latest, 'Out of Control,' is off the band's upcoming self-titled EP.

    Mr Esco Williams won an Unsung MOBO Award back in 2012, released a fan funded EP which was, fair to say, pop-funk-tastic and then he went all quiet and I worried about him because I'm nice like that. Turns out he was off penning some ditties for a boy band and has now reemerged with some new material of his own which is much more R&B and rather less pop-er-iffic. A genuinely gifted songwriter with a voice to match, if he sticks with this more soulful approach then he's not going to be unsung for much longer.

    We don't know much about Esse. All that exists is a press shot that looks like a badly cropped police wanted photo and a single song on Soundcloud. Fortunately that's all we need. 'Deep Heart' is an undoubtedly impressive debut release. Despite apparently just being a 'demo', the track is bold and emotive, combining elements of James Blake minimalism with a distinctive, bitter-sweet pop sentiment.

  • Location: Manchester
  • Name: The Louche
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Michelle Lloyd

Deriving from the same camp as the likes of MONEY - Salford's Sways Records, The Louche, made up of Kyoko Swan, Adam Yates and Adam Dawson are a melee of lusty hypnotic shoegaze and 1950's doozy rock and roll inspired vocals. With beguiling and sometimes disorientating live performances, their ability to combine the dark and the light and tease the listener by holding back in places where you'd expect them to go full throttle makes for a compelling listen.

Mat Hunsley first came to my attention last year after sending me his track 'Fires', it showed plenty of promise and his debut single 'Au Contraire' cements his ability to craft captivating and affecting music in such a stark manner. In a similar vein to Benjamin Francis Leftwich and James Vincent McMorrow, Mat uses only a guitar and his voice that puts his yearning lyricism at the forefront of his work as he kicks out against the world in an understated yet very powerful way. Au Contraire is released 19th May on Trellis Records.