Welcome to the fifth edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 8 major cities and regions from across the UK. With the help of regional correspondents, we plan to present our shortlist of new music in Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Norwich, Manchester and Oxford.

New Music by Region #4 can be found here!

Photobucket Black-Black-Hills-artist-pic
  • Name: Black Black Hills – ‘Billy's Bride’
  • Website: Soundcloud
  • Correspondent: Gary Scattergood

Until a fortnight ago, Black Black Hills were known as Pope Joan, a post-punkish Brighton four-piece famed for some intense support slots with the likes of The Vaccines and The Fall. While the line-up remains the same under their new moniker, front man Sammy Adam says the change emphasises the band’s natural development which has seen them adopt a darker, more electronic slant in recent months.

  • Name: My Name Is Ian – ‘I Would Do Nothing’
  • Website: Wordpress
  • Correspondent: Jake May

Indeed the work of one man named Ian – 23 year old Ian Williams – My Name Is Ian is the guise under which he writes, records, and self-releases (other than when working with Art Is Hard) his take on folk. With a range of influences evidently reflected in the breadth of the music he makes, Ian’s songs range from bare and honest Moldy Peaches-styled efforts to electro-leaning (but still positively lo-fi) folk-pop songs – all of which have a certain quirky and effective charm.

Photobucket logikparty1
  • Name: Logikparty – ‘The Number A’
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

Logikparty's approach to music is perfectly illustrated by two encounters with them. The first in the opulent surroundings of Belfast's Waterfront Hall, as sonic accompaniment to the work of, experimental filmmaker, Martha Colburn. The second in the cramped front room of a terraced house, as accompaniment to the crazed dancing of dozens of kids. A little bit arty and a little bit party, Logikparty recall early 80s NYC, combining shards of Lydia Lunch with grooves of liquid liquid.

Photobucket TheSeventeenthCenturyseventeenthcentury-1
  • Name: The Seventeenth Century - 'Roses In The Park'
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Rory Cargill

Glasgow five-piece The Seventeenth Century have been described by reviewers as 'pure genius', 'utterly original' and 'a Hebridian take on The Beach Boys'. The name is one that is always floating about the Scottish scene but as many comments on the band's last.fm page question, where are all the listeners? With their second EP 'The Seventeenth Century Part II' being well received by the group's modest following, this avant-folk music deserves some exposure.

Photobucket Apologies+I+Have+None+L1010615
  • Name: Apologies, I Have None - 'Sat In Vicky Park'
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Liz Jones

The band name is, if anything, a great indicator of genre. With a decidedly gritty aesthetic, a spirited counterculture resolve and a set of genuinely independent ethos, Apologies, I Have None are well-rounded purveyors of punk’s esteemed DIY legacy. The London four-piece has not much in the way of immediately new tracks, but have made steady progress towards the makings of a nice little catalogue over the past few years – the most recent of which is the two track 7-inch released back in 2010.

Photobucket NASDAQ1
  • Name: NASDAQ – ‘Dead Peasants’
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Chris McDonald

The only instance I know of band twinning, NASDAQ and The FTSE 100 are co-existing instrumental bands made up of the same three musicians. But whereas FTSE specialise in Victor Villarreal-inspired quasi-funk, NASDAQ offer up a math-ish doom-prog bastardisation not a million miles from being a 21st century King Crimson. Not for those with short attention spans or interested in showmanship and self-promotion, the band is more a triumph of three incredibly gifted musicians crafting songs of impossibly labyrinthine intricacy. See also: Burnst, DBH, Plank!

Photobucket THinking man

  • Name: The Thinking Men - 'Whiskey & Milk'
  • Website: Offical Site
  • Correspondent: Alex Carson

The Thinking Men are two guys, one girl and a lot of instruments. Playing an eclectic brand of jazz-influenced alternative rock. The band is headed up by frontman Johnny Raspin’s stunningly powerful vocal offerings and an array of sounds from multi-instrumentalists Sarah Barsoumian and Ronnie Smith. Think Tom Waits with a dash of Modest Mouse. They're independently releasing their debut EP: "Mirror Test" this November at Norwich's Bicycle shop. The track you can listen to is a free download they're offering on their website, and is a dark, throbbing, blues influenced spoon tapping ditty called Whiskey & Milk.

Photobucket The Neon Violets
  • Name: The Neon Violets – ‘Break The Line’
  • Website: Offical Website
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

The Neon Violets are a drone/psych/garage 2 piece that sound (and look) like an unholy marriage of The White Stripes and Black Sabbath... Guitarist/singer Joe Chapman is a master of effects chains, utilising his twin amp stereo set up to it's full, blistering potential.... Chapman's vocals are drawled in a haze and drummer Nell Page keeps things simple and effective, underpinning Chapman's cosmic swirl and heavy psyche blues riffs perfectly. Following their triumphant opening set on the BBC Introducing Stage at Truck festival this year TNV are definitely ones to watch in Oxford at the moment.