Welcome to the seventh edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 8 major cities and regions from across the UK. With the help of regional correspondents, we plan to present our shortlist of new music in Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, London, Manchester and Oxford.

New Music by Region #6 can be found here!

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  • Name: Cold Pumas – ‘Jela’
  • Website: Tumblr
  • Correspondent: Gary Scattergood

Brighton noiseniks Cold Pumas have been knocking about for a couple of years now and are famed in this fair city for some belting live shows.Their swirling, psychedelic-laced, mantra-like slabs of sound are repetitive and unrelenting. And bloody good. If you’ve got a sore head, jog on, this isn’t for you. Everyone else should crank this up..

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  • Name: Kutosis – ’The Man is a Ghost'
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Jake May

Riff-heavy, catchy, and lyrically witty Kutosis are Cardiff’s alternative rock darlings, influenced by the likes of Future of the Left, Liars, and Les Savy Fav. Although not ‘new’ new (they’ve been together for 2 years now and have already released 2 strong EPs), the three-piece are just about to release their debut album on Cardiff’s Barely Regal Records, following just after the double a-side single of which ‘Shadows’ makes half of.

Photobucket lastdaysof1984_promo
  • Name: Last Days Of 1984 - 'Woods'
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

There's a half remembered scene in a mostly forgotten movie. Maybe it's from the eighties; maybe it's Molly Ringwald's face hazy in your mind. But there's a song which stays with you. A melody at once so melancholic yet full of hope that it seems to capture every teenage emotion. That song could be by Last Days Of 1984. They describe their sound as "beach house" - a blend of tropical electronica and 90s beats - but it's the tunes that keep you coming back, just like every teenage boy came back to Molly.

Photobucket eliza_and_the_bear_logo
  • Name: Eliza and the Bear - 'Trees'
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Liz Jones

There is not an awful lot I can say, other than that they are a band worth waiting on. New London five-piece Eliza and the Bear, who rose from the ashes of the similarly enigmatic, one-album band Survive Atlantica (find the stand-out track “Circuits and the Sea” if you’re up for a little hunt), have only one track to their name. There’s no EP release on the immediate horizon, and no shows currently planned. All we have is a cryptically bare-bones website with the potential of another SoundCloud upload. It’s the little things that excite me these days.

Photobucket Kite 65
  • Name: From The Kites of San Quentin – 'Stoopid'
  • Website: Official Website
  • Correspondent: Chris Holland

Now that festival season is over, people have been released from those sweaty, day-glo marquees we call “Dance Tents”. And while British fields were undulating to the sound of air horn-toting rave, we can now put the summer behind us and move onto more subtle and atmospheric electronic music. Here are From The Kites of San Quentin, a trip who fuse ambient, interesting guitar work with buzzing, bubbling electronics and soulful female vocals. Like a more driven Portishead or Mount Kimbie meeting classic Saint Etienne.

Photobucket James Boyce

  • Name: James Boyce – ‘I've Been Talking in My Sleep’
  • Website: Myspace
  • Correspondent: Alex Carson

James Boyce, sometimes known as Lucky James Boyce and also known as 1 third of Alto 45. Boyce’ssolo work however differs from the scientist inspired experimental synth/guitar based indie music Alto 45 is known for and leans towards a folkier, acoustic root. Despite not having any tangible music in round shiny form or round, black, and not so shiny form he has still cut a line in Norwich as a cult favourite. He is sometimes ably backed by Anna from Twee-folksters the Middle ones and sometimes backed by a beeping USSR issue drum machine and harmonica. Despite having not released any of his work himself he has contributed two tracks to local Norwich label Bare Feet Records and their two latest compilations, the most recent of which being the suitably titled: “I’ve been talking in my sleep” from the “Sing me to Sleep” compilation.

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  • Name: Wild Swim – ‘Another Night’
  • Website: Soundcloud
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

Like the last act I chose for my New Music by Region piece a fortnight ago (Sam Scott's Solid Gold Dragons) Wild Swim are another Blessing Force (Oxford's hypest arts + music collective feat Jonquil, Chad Valley, Trophy Wife etc) associated act that greatly demand further investigation. Like many BF acts WIld Swim are a slick, post electronica pop concern, with a healthy dose of afro beat and David Byrne-esque lyrical mannerisms. The band have two self released EPs up at soundcloud and, having been recently taken on by the management team behind Oxfordian folk stars Stornoway, it looks like Wild Swim's star is in the ascendence.