Welcome to the eighth edition of New Music by Region. Every fortnight we aim to present the best new music in 8 major cities and regions from across the UK. With the help of regional correspondents, we plan to present our shortlist of new music in Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Norwich, Leeds, London and Oxford.

New Music by Region #7 can be found here!

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  • Name: Cinemascopes – ‘Refuse Retreat’
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Gary Scattergood

Two things brought this Brighton band to our attention; a recent support slot with EMA and a corking EP which you can get your mitts on for free. The four-piece combine tight and taut rhythms and punchy vocals with an underlying Krautrock influence and a detached air of 80s electro-indie. While their efforts aren't obvious enough to smack you around the chops, they will definitely burrow into your brain and have you bobbing along.

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  • Name: Effort (With You) – ’With You'
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Jake May

As much as you wouldn’t expect a band whose sound sits somewhere between pop-punk and Best Coast to be anything but shite, Cardiff lo-fi duo Effort prove us wrong with their three recorded songs thus far. Fairly simple in their make-up – though they can be forgiven for that considering they are just rough demos – the songs have an interesting, catchy and charming element to them. Worth keeping an eye on, for sure.

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  • Name: Tieranniesaur - 'Here Be Monsters'
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Barry Peak

Let's be frank about this; lots of indie kids are terrible dancers. A steady diet of gloomy introspection and cheap cider does not make for attractive moves. That doesn't stop them (us) from trying and every so often a band comes along with the right combination of fun, grooves and cool to inspire this mess of limbs. Tieranniesaur have this mix just right and, with influences like talking heads and the B52s, the party is on.

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  • Name: John Knox Sex Club – ‘Honestly The Beast’
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Rory Cargill

The vocals of a Scottish Guy Garvey and slow-coustic instrumentation; John Knox Sex Club formed in Glasgow in 2008 and have since released two albums, the second 'Raise Ravens' just over a fortnight ago. What begins as hard to tell whether the music is a hit or miss evolves into a pretty euphoric and powerful stringed sound which almost creeps up on you if you're not paying attention or listening in the background. Rubbish contemporary Scottish folk can be found around every corner, but I've decided that this group has avoided joining the myriad.

Photobucket PEACE

It came out of the woodwork, as does most new music these days. Gone are the days of cutting teeth and building a name for oneself from the ground up, it's now sometimes just as easy as point, click, and upload. This new digital paradigm doesn't negate talent, however, and London's PEACE is living proof. The enigmatic (four piece?) group currently has only a few tracks floating around online, but after some time spent in the studio they now have an upcoming record to show for it.

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  • Name: Circles – 'In Flight'
  • Website: Myspace
  • Correspondent: Liam Haynes

Circles recently played an absolute stormer of a show at Leed's pretty-much-coolest bar, Nation Of Shopkeepers after a storm of fantastic blog buzz kickstarted by a post on Ollie Russian's infamous My Band Is Better Than Your Band. The track they've got out, 'In Flight', is a whirring little three minute jam; steep drums, some gorgeous vocals, and lyrics to make the tin man's heart melt. "So I will drink and smoke at night, to lose myself, to lose my sight, I thought this time I tried".

Photobucket THorse
  • Name: Trojan Horse – 'Brazilian'
  • Website: Bandcamp
  • Correspondent: Chris Holland

There are some stereotypes that the prog genre has been carrying around for years - middle aged men with facial hair singing about fantasy lands and the like. Trojan Horse break from that stereotype by being YOUNG men with facial hair who deal with gritty real subjects, apparently inspired by the history of Salford. And while they proudly declare themselves prog rockers at any given opportunity, their focus on guitars rather than synth puts Trojan Horse closer to And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead than Yes.

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  • Name: Alloy Ark – ’Blue'
  • Website: Facebook
  • Correspondent: Alex Carson

Alloy Ark where originally known as a slightly twee, folky, duo based in Bury St Edmunds (not quite Norwich but they're here all the time.) However, since the notable addition of bass and drums they've become a louder, more angular, more warpaint'esque sounding quartet. They recently played the Norwich Arts Centre for a Wombat Wombat night and blew the audience away with what is only their sophomore appearance. Pristine, child-like in purity, voiced Danni ethereally croons over the exceedingly tight and professional band. Noted performances come from guitarist, and 1/2 of the original line up, Doug with 90's grunge guitar hooks and big muffed distortion resonating out of a Fender Blues Boy.

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  • Name: Grudle Bay Riots – ‘Fool Around - Live From the Bedroom’
  • Website: Myspace
  • Correspondent: Sebastian Reynolds

From the artists formerly known as math/funk rock trio PYE, Grudle Bay Riots describe themselves as: Abingdon duo // Guitars // Vocal // Yamaha. Not a million miles away from the last 2 acts I've featured (Solid Gold Dragons and Wild Swim), Grudle Bay Riots use hushed, breathy vocals, chiming, delayed guitars and shimmering, atmospheric keyboards to great effect and have written some truly beautiful, haunting songs. I can't wait to see them at the o2 Academy in Oxford on 24th Sept, if you are around I strongly suggest coming along.