By now you've probably realised that, yes, your new years resolution is already void. And there's 11 months until you can pig out, get drunk and otherwise make a complete fool out of yourself with the excuse 'It's Christmas/New Year'. It's not worth it I hear you cry. You're wrong my friend. Here are but a few examples of why 2009 is going to be a very VERY good year for music.
  • Send Him Away - Franz Ferdinand
  • To Lose My Life - White Lies
  • Day N Nite - Kid Cudi
  • 5Rebeccas - The View
  • Just Dance - Lady GaGa
  • Walking On A Dream - Empire Of The Sun
  • To get these tracks go here : These six tracks are just a few of the new songs out from both new artists and old familiars January 2009, with the exception of The View whose second album 'Which Bitch' is due out is scheduled for release on the second of February. Franz Ferdinand return with 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' on the 19th of January. 'Send Him Away' Opens with a glam beat played in Glitter band triplets. This then morphs into a hectic disco funk number. Thus creating the perfect beginning for a year in which a lot of the releases will be aimed towards the dance floor. White Lies however are a band reviving guitar music. Their mixture of the robot and goth may reignite memories of The Cure and Joy Division but 'To Lose My Life' successfully wraps these influences into the sort of anthems the Indie and Alternative scene have been lacking for so long. White Lies should be a household name by the end of the year. I'm fairly certain I dont need to say anything about Kid Cudi, If you've left your house in the past 2 months at all no doubt you will have heard the painfully catchy 'Day N Nite' and if you've been to any club you'll have danced stupidly or atleast bopped your head along to it. As mentioned previously, The View will be returning for our listening pleasure on the 2nd of February. 5Rebeccas was released via myspace a while ago, and serves to remind us why the scottish punk band hold a place so very dear to our hearts. The lyrics will not save your life. They won't cure cancer or do windows either. And while Lady Gaga has a voice worth listening to, her vocals and those lyrics are just part of a grander scheme that's aim is getting us to stop thinking and… just dance. Finally Empire Of The Sun, essentially psych-pop along the lines of MGMT, I'd say this was meant to make you dance too. Although I'm not sure MGMT fans dance...more sway. Yes, sway to this lovely psych-pop journey throughout 2009. Basically, it would be wise to learn to dance this year. Or at the very least sway. If you still feel a little under the weather with the January blues, Arctic Monkeys third album is due in the second half of this year. Is that a smile I see? Enjoy.