This week, I've mostly been thinking about new things. It's mid-June, but I would much rather it was mid-September so I could go to college again. Such a thing didn't work out for me last year: I tried two different courses and didn't find enough merit in either to devote three years to either of them. I've been working in a slow-moving office job since February, and I finish in August. I'm feeling very conflicted; I know I'm not where I want to be, but at the same time, I'm not sure where that is. Thankfully, there are parts of my weekly routine that I do enjoy, and despite being in a contemplative mood this week, I've become quite animated when listening to the songs that make up this week's edition of New Music Friday. Hopefully they'll provide you with a similar kind of spark, if you need one.

The usual 13 is back this week - a technical SNAFU meant that a round dozen made the cut - but that's got nothing on next week, which will feature an extended edition. Why's that, you ask - you'll have to wait a week to find out. In the meantime, here are plenty of new things for you to digest.

MYPET - 'Gloria' [Track of the Week]

This pair have been on somewhat of an inexorable rise as of late. After taking a serious step up with 'Bodysnatcher' last month, MYPET are trailing their self-titled EP with new single 'Gloria'. This has been going around in my head all damn week - that's the easiest way for one to get sick of a certain song, but honestly, I can't get enough of this. The duo have chosen to go by their first names alone - Amy's on vocals, while Ray is on... well, everything else, meaning he's got his hands full on an impressively busy track which mixes tribal rhythms with bubbling synth basslines, an infectious vocal hook and an absolute cracker of a chorus. It's MYPET's best song yet, and proves that exciting times ahead of them. Oh, and it's a free download, too - what more could you ask for?


Arbor Lights - 'Interstellar'

Next up in this week's trio of highlights is something a little more widescreen. You may have heard Birmingham-based post-rockers Arbor Lights before - they released their self-titled debut EP last year - but it's safe to say that you haven't heard them like this. 'Interstellar' is one movement of Hatherton Lake the band's debut album, released on July 1st and conceived as a single piece. Who knows what other cinematic delights await us on that five-track record? Fans of stirring, windswept melodies and tight, passionate songwriting will approve of 'Interstellar' gradually unfurling over six slow-burning minutes, as the quartet create a sound that seems bigger than themselves. The evocative video for the track is well worth investigation, too. Arbor Lights have a taste for the ambitious, and are definitely ones to look out for this year.


Dreamers Dose - 'Pray For Me, Fragile'

Last but not least this week are a Los Angeles-based psych-rock band who sound like they know a thing or two about mid-90s Radiohead. Indeed, frontman Andrew Stogel's voice is so immediately reminiscent of The Bends-era Thom Yorke that it's almost uncanny, but the quartet are more than mere imitators, blending a hazy, psychedelic sound with bruising riffs and clear-cut harmonies. New track 'Pray For Me, Fragile' is caught between loping, woozy guitars and fuzzed-up, pin-sharp rock, switching between the two almost at will as the band deliver a taste of their debut album, At Least We're Happy - the record is due in 'late summer', but it's one to make time for whenever it arrives. Their manifesto, 'listen to the music and see a show', is compact and straightforward, and even though you'll only be able to do the latter if you're Stateside, songs as good as this one will no doubt fill you with the desire to do plenty of both.


This week also features music from Foy Vance, Crushed Beaks, SAFIA, Young Aviators, Longfellow, From the Kites of San Quentin, Jaws, Lorine Chia, Shigeto and The Old Silent.