Hi again, and welcome to another round of New Music Friday, featuring music so good you'd risk braving Arctic conditions just to listen to it... or even just trudge through several feet of snow. I have largely escaped the perilous precipitation that the UK has had to deal with recently - I say 'largely' because it snowed a bit (!) here during the week, and it was the horribly slushy kind of snow that was impossible to do anything with, and left me with a face like this: :(.

I enjoy some snow as much as the next guy, but didn't you hear there's a blizzard on the way? A blizzard of exciting new music, that is. It's snow joke - I have your usual line-up of 15 tracks this week, and it's quite an eclectic collection, even by this column's standards. It's so cool it's practically frozen over - and with that, I'm all out of snow-related puns, so that's probably a good sign that we should get started.

Track of the Week: The Black Angels - 'Don't Play With Guns'

If you fancy getting your weekend off to a fuzzy psych-rock sort of start, then you need look no further, for the new single from Austin, TX-based rockers The Black Angels will suit you just fine. Its provocative title and lyrics immediately mark the band out as being unafraid to court controversy; and aside from that, it's an absolute belter of a song. It's the lead single from album number four, which touches down in the UK on April 1st, and sounds like it's going to be a treat. Bonus points for the excellent video.

Ghosts - 'You Feel Lonely'

This pair live in Dublin which is on the opposite side of the country to where I am right now, so I can't quite describe them as 'local talent', but here's a song that anyone who follows the burgeoning Irish electronica scene should be proud of. Introducing Ghosts, whose new song offers a hint of what lies in store on debut EP WLVS (out February 25th). There's a definite post-dubstep flavour going on. Leave your preconceptions at the door and play this loud. Oh, watch out for that chorus, by the way. It's a whopper.

Wildarms - 'Acceptance'

Wildarms, otherwise known as Duncan Cooper, clearly isn't the self-conscious type. He's dropped a brash, bold and brilliant new song that is worthy of a considerable attention, and if 'Acceptance' isn't his first step on the road to becoming a Very Big Deal Indeed, then I'll eat my hat. Cooper has gone with a straightforward video for the lead track, but that's the most straightforward thing about him. It's lifted from his new EP, Clear Eyes (and there's a track on it called 'Full Hearts', Friday Night Lights fans), which will be loosed upon a mostly unsuspecting world on February 5th. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This week also features tracks from TWOS, f y f e, Pickwick, Starlit Everglades, Houses, Vanessa Elisha, Gel Set, Shy Girls, Lord Boyd, Lazyeyes, Moonbase Commander and Kellen Malloy.