AKA the 'The 405 vs Technology Edition'. Our server's been plagued by gremlins this week; we had to deal with loads yesterday. We also had to deal with them last Friday when the previous week's edition was supposed to go up. I also saw a recorded phone interview (figuratively) go up in smoke last weekend. Electronic devices seem to have it in for us this week, but we're pressing on regardless. To make up for the absence of some New Music Friday action last week, I've decided to change things up a bit, as well as add some more material into the mix; thus, we have 16 songs this week to make up for the wait. Let's get to it.

Carousel - 'Another Day' [Track of the Week]

You know when you completely fall for a band and everything they do? That's a pretty special moment, right? It happened to me regarding Carousel a while back, so I was pleasantly surprised that they put out a new track last week. Unlike you lot in the UK, I haven't had to deal with any snow this week, and 'Another Day' has been soundtracking the much-improved weather we've had this week. It should definitely tide over Phoenix fans waiting to hear more material from their forthcoming album. In fact, any fans of sleek-sounding electro-pop would do well to investigate, but because I can see Carousel becoming a lot of people's favourite new band before much longer if they keep this up. Warning: chances of this becoming an earworm are insanely high.

Generationals - 'Put a Light On'

I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday on Monday; such things mean nothing to me,as I'm pretty much always writing about this or blogging about that. Even though last Friday was a slow day, even by normal end-of-the-week standards, there were a few things worthy of note; one of these things was the rather excellent Generationals, whose new record Heza is out on Monday via the always-reliable Polyvinyl Records. 'Put a Light On' showed up earlier today, and I've been hammering it since then. The New Orleans-based band offer up a seriously addictive indie-pop sound on the new track, with handclaps, buzzing guitars and xylophone all jostling for space in a song packed full of hooks and boasting an excellent chorus. From what I hear, there's much more where this came from, so I'll be checking out the album post haste. You should do the same.

Strangers - 'Something New'

Remember these guys? The three EPs we got from Strangers last year were rather good, but the vibe coming from 'Something New' is that they were only just getting warmed up, and that now the real fun begins. It's a huge step up for the trio; I'm guessing they learned a lot from supporting such luminaries as Niki & the Dove and Grimes last year. You can see why they would have taken after them, though, as 'Something New' possesses a pop sensibility that's reminiscent of the former, balancing it with the quirkiness and hint of darkness that the latter's become known for; Strangers's sound is all their own, however, and they've come a long way in the last year, but this song shows that they can go further still.

Boy Kid Cloud - '6AM'

More surprises. Boy Kid Cloud is back, it seems - he quietly unleashed a new single last week. It's a double A-side consisting of '6AM' and 'I Need Love', so I'll let you stream both of the new tracks below. They're both very good indeed - people have generally come to expect such things from BKC, after all - but I marginally prefer '6AM', since I'm a sucker for good beats, and the one that drives that track is absolutely brilliant. His new stuff is a little less manic than what's come before, but it's a good look, and it suits him quite well. Hopefully there's more where this has come from, as hearing the new stuff has reminded me why I missed him in the first place.

This week also features tracks from Black Light Dinner Party It Is Rain in My Face, Wondr, Valentina, CLOSE, Ohbliv, DRÅPE, Lawrence English, Katie Gately, Fielded, Great Marble, //AMA and Sun Glitters x Isan.