I'm back in action this week, so hello, and welcome to what's actually a rather special edition of New Music Friday. ArcTanGent was brilliant, in case you were wondering. I'll definitely be doing a festival next year, then, as that was my first.

Speaking of firsts, the coming weeks are set to be full of them for me: for example, my first week in college is next week, which is all very exciting. Monday will be my first day in a new house, too. Before then, though, there's the small matter of a first for the column itself: namely the premiere of a new song from one of my favourite musical discoveries of the year. I'm excited, and you should be too. Let's begin, shall we?

Lost in the Riots - 'Kong'

They released their brilliant debut, Stranger in the Alps, in February, and Lost in the Riots have spent a fair amount of time since then holed up in a recording studio putting together its follow-up. It's not done yet, but I'm hearing that it'll be out early next year. Don't quote me on that; you know how easily these things can change! However, the Watford-based post-rockers are ready to put this out, and I'm delighted to premiere it.

The video for 'Kong' features a man in a monkey suit wearing headphones. Don't tell me you're not interested already. The song itself is perhaps the most immediate thing they've written to date, and bodes extremely well for the album. If you're in the mood for a song to give you enough of a boost to power through to the weekend, then you can't go wrong with 'Kong'. The replay value is strong with this one. Oh, it's also a free download on their < href="https://lostintheriots.bandcamp.com/album/kong-single">Bandcamp page, did I mention that?


Blood Sport - 'Palomar'

Next up are a band who release one of the most head-turning albums of the year next week. Life in Units is the debut album by Sheffield's Blood Sport; it's a 6-track affair, due on Hybrid Vigour, which features some of the most unique music I've come across in quite a while.

There's a strong Afrobeat pulse running through lead track 'Palomar', but there are also enough noisy moments in there to suggest that the band are big fans of Sonic Youth. Such a combination of styles sounds about as weird in practice as it does in theory, but it definitely works. The best thing about 'Palomar'? It's almost 7-and-a-half minutes long, so there's plenty here to enjoy. The band kick off a 10-date album tour tomorrow in Bristol, so make sure you see them live, too.


Vaults - 'Cry No More'

Last, but no means least, say hello to mysterious London group Vaults. They've probably stored all biographical information about themselves in a vault, for all I know, because they're being tight-lipped about who they are and what they're doing (if there even is a 'they').

All we have to go on for now is a debut track featuring astonishingly powerful female vocals, energetic xylophone lines, piano and swathes of electronics. Oh, and strings: let's not forget the strings that make up the track's emotional core and ensure it has an even greater effect. 'Cry No More' is a very busy track indeed, but Vaults is/are letting the music do the talking for now, and it's saying very promising things. If the veil of secrecy must be worn for the time being, then here's hoping that more music surfaces soon.


This week also features new music from Forest, Yumi and the Weather, Kid Karate, INTRVALS, Dancing Years, Rainer, Clara Moto, Gent Mason, Dead Wolf Club and Face + Heel.