In just over 24 hours, I'll be touching down in Portugal for a few days worth of holiday. It's just as well, because the weather over here has taken a turn for the worse. Man, I enjoyed those few weeks of 'summer' that we had, so it's great that I'm able to jet off to sunnier and less changeable climes - if you're in the Mediterranean at this time of year, it'll either be really hot or really wet, and I'm hoping for the former.

I'll have plenty of new music to get to grips with over there, so I'm in the mood to be surprised. I certainly was this week; this week's edition of New Music Friday is as diverse and consistent as usual - I've got 13 tracks lined up that cover a nice selection of genres, so let's get started...

Alev Lenz - 'Memphis [Track of the Week]

I don't usually post tracks that were released as part of a single back in March, but I can certainly make an exception for the absolutely beautiful 'Memphis' by the German-born Alev Lenz, and for more reasons than just the fact that the video for the track is just as breathtaking as the song itself, if not more so. Lenz has moved to London and is currently holed up in a studio, putting together what will be her second album, and 'Memphis' is a fascinating mixture of the elegance of European classical music and the inventive nature of modern electronica, and the result is a dazzling track that marks Lenz out as someone to keep in mind when her new record arrives next year.


Lapland - 'Unwise'

He may have the same knack for poppy immediacy as many of those from Sweden itself, but despite naming his project after that northern Swedish region, Lapland actually calls Brooklyn home. Most people know him as Josh Mease. Whatever you want to call him, there's no getting around his fabulous debut single, 'Unwise'. Released on September 16th, it's the first track to be taken from his debut album, due early next year. The record is sure to kick 2014 off with a bang, if its lead single is anything to go by: 4 minutes of dreamy, hazy and downright beautiful ambient pop, it features a wordless chorus that will definitely sweep you off your feet. It'd be unwise to give it a miss.


Redder - 'Border/Lines'

The last of my highlighted tracks for this week is certainly a more sombre affair than what's preceded it, but it's no less beautiful. It's built on shuffling rhythms and minor-key piano, over which is laid the hushed, delicate vocals of Franz Saraste, one half of Finnish duo Redder, a line-up completed by Vesa Hoikka, whose electronic production may appear at odds with the soulful nature of the track in theory, but in practice, the duo's remarkably different styles complement each other wonderfully. 'Border/Lines', a free download, is the lead track from a 6-song EP of the same name, due for release on August 18th, and while it's heavy with melancholy, it's also rich in atmosphere and is a captivating listen.


This week also features new music from Raindeer, Eaves, Cfit, Daniel James, San Cisco, The Red Paintings, Heaven's Gate, L∆V∆, Steaming Satellites & Pillars and Tongues.