Hello again, and welcome to the final April edition of New Music Friday. You may have noticed in recent days that there appears to be some strange object in the sky that has been shining and helping to increase temperatures. Do not be alarmed: this strange phenomenon, rarely seen in these parts so far this year, is called 'the sun'. It brings warmth to those areas which it graces with its presence. It usually appears in late February or early March, but has had some unusual patterns of activity this year. Here's hoping it sticks around for a while; maybe we're actually due a decent summer. Who knows? There are a number of summery songs in this week's edition; I'm going to hold off on creating a properly summery line-up of tracks until the time's right; knowing how changeable the weather can be in the UK and Ireland, it may never be, but I'm going to keep that one in reserve just in case. This week features your regular baker's dozen of new music; you never know, I could shed some light on your new favourite band. Let's get into it.

Mood Rings - 'Pathos y Lagrimas' [Track of the Week]

There are times when I first take notice of a band because of the label they're on, and not because of what a press release says about them. This happened during the week with Mood Rings, who I picked up on because they had recently been signed to the fantastic New York-based label Mexican Summer. Then it took me about 20 seconds of 'Pathos y Lagrimas' to realise that this had to be my track of the week. The first single to be taken from VPI Harmony, due on June 24th, is quite an atmospheric listen, its echoing guitar hook combining with powerful bass and sultry vocals that strike a balance between shoegaze-y murkiness and pure psychedelia. I'm reliably informed that the new record is all over the place stylistically, too - in that case, I can't wait to hear what else they come up with.

Snow Ghosts - 'Murder Cries'

If any of you are aware of producer Throwing Snow (aka Ross Tones, who's put out some excellent material in his time), you'll be pleased to hear that he's teamed up with Hanna Cartwright as one half of Snow Ghosts. The duo's stock in trade is widescreen electronic-pop with a dark edge, and 'Murder Cries' is a hell of a way for the duo to introduce themselves to the world, Cartwright's accomplished vocals providing the perfect backdrop for Tones's exquisitely creative soundscapes and juddering beats. It's the lead single from A Small Murmuration, their debut album, due on June 17th via Houndstooth, a new imprint of established label Fabric. There's a serious amount of replay value in their debut single on its own, but it's also been combined with a visually striking video. Snow Ghosts certainly don't do things by halves, and this will stand to them.

Seasfire - 'Oh..Lucifer'

Last but not least, the brilliantly-named Seasfire are back, and they're planning to release a new single through Little Fan Records on July 1st. The Bristol quartet have returned with a brilliantly powerful track called 'Oh..Lucifer', the follow-up to 'We Will Wake' from last year. They've drawn comparisons to The Weeknd in the past, but their new song is much more expansive than that would suggest, featuring huge drums and a similarly big-sounding guitar hook. Even frontman Josh Thorn's vocals are powerful (particularly so in the excellent chorus). Seasfire have been making waves recently; I knew that, but apparently they were among the most-blogged bands in the UK last year. Actually, now I think about that, it doesn't sound surprising in the slightest. This new track will no doubt have others falling over themselves to write about it, and with good reason - it's simply stunning.

This week also features tracks from Bipolar Sunshine, Royal Canoe, Thunderhank, Spirit Guide & Every, Dreamboat, SURFING, The-Drum, Home-Alone, The Graphite Set and Roman à Clef.