It's all about planes, trains and automobiles for me this week. I'll be doing a lot of travelling over the next while, and I've also bought my tickets for my first full festival - in England - so I'll be on the move a lot during August. There's about seven weeks or so left before I go to college for the year, too, so as you may have guessed, I'm a busy man. I quite like it, though, because these days it feels like I'm spending half my time listening to music, and the other half writing about it.

As a result of this, there was a lot of competition for places in this week's edition of New Music Friday, but then everything was subsequently put in its place by this week's Track of the Week, which is one of the best musical discoveries I've heard all year. So there's that, as well as a dozen other top tracks to get your weekend heading in the right direction.

Swerve - 'Stray' [Track of the Week]

Another week, another Birmingham band in this slot. What's going on over there? Must be something in the water, anyway, because the UK's second city has been on somewhat of a hot streak as of late. Newcomers Swerve recently uploaded 3 new demos to their Soundcloud page, and frankly, you need to hear all of them, but the highlight is the incendiary 'Stray'. Introduced by rumbling bass and gentle guitar, the vocals shift from a whisper to a scream, along with the rest of the song (in both cases, figuratively) as drums crash in and ferocious guitar licks begin the build-up to a massive-sounding chorus. It sounds every bit as anguished and raw as its production suggests, and points to Swerve being set for big things.


Saint Motel - 'My Type'

Remember these guys? Last year, they released the rather excellent debut album Voyeur, and they returned this week with an infectious new track that does more for the status of horns in pop music than anything else I can think of this year. Los Angeles's Saint Motel may or may not be at work on a follow-up to their debut LP, but 'My Type' works brilliantly as a single, in any case. Handclaps? Check. Big drums? Check? Exuberant, funky-as-hell horn hook? Double check. If you don't want to dance to this, you should probably check that you still have a pulse.


Deep Sea Arcade - 'Seen No Right'

The last of my highlighted tracks this week is particularly surprising. I hadn't heard from Sydney's Deep Sea Arcade in quite a while, and it's only now that I'm discovering that they got around to releasing an album last year. So yeah, that completely fell through the cracks for me, but I'm going to ensure that the same doesn't happen for you. Taken from Outlands (an album I'm now very excited to listen to), here's 'Seen No Right', which the band have made available as a free download ahead of their forthcoming UK show at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on August 17th. If energetic psychedelic pop is your thing, then you're going to get a kick out of this. Enjoy having this stuck in your head for the rest of the week!

This week also features new music from His Clancyness, Fenech-Soler, Jensen Sportag, Deer Tick, Claire, Lost Ghosts, Blaenavon, Society, The Holidays and Fishdoctor.