This week's been pretty hot, both figuratively (as you'll see from the tracks I've picked for New Music Friday) and literally. It's been absolutely roasting all week; it's also not been a very good week to be stuck in an office with busted air conditioning, but I'm finally free for another few days.

By the time you read this, I'll be on a train, due to visit a venue which I sincerely hope isn't a sweatbox. We in Ireland are even less used to the heat than those of you in the UK, and the only remotely 'cool' thing about this week has been the amount of new music I've discovered, whether it be through our new music spreadsheet, stacks of emails from PRs or - in the case of one particular highlight from this week - a Twitter tip that came from out of the blue. I know you're probably feverish with anticipation, so let's get into it.

Heavy Waves - 'No Good' [Track of the Week]

When was the last time you heard of a band becoming big in Serbia? Heavy Waves are big in Serbia; or at least, their debut single, 'Edward', was. It went top 30 in the Serbian Alternative Music chart. Nice work if you can get it, right? Well, the Birmingham trio are back, and have moved into lacerating stadium grunge territory, and the results would ideally make them a big deal everywhere. 'No Good' is a colossal-sounding track; three people can barely hold it back.

Opening with chugging bass and booming drums, a rush of overdriven guitars set the scene before an instantly memorable riff kicks in and the track begins its ascent into the stratosphere. It's loud, it's confident, it's downright euphoric; it's Heavy Waves showing that they've got what it takes to go far. Today, Serbia; tomorrow, the world. (Oh, and just by the way, it's a free download.)


Falling Off Maps - 'Honest'

Moving from heart-swelling grandeur to painful intimacy, we end up at 'Honest', the debut single, the debut single from Nottingham quintet Falling Off Maps. Due on August 12th via Square Peg Round Hole Records, it's the first track to be taken from debut album A Seaside Town in Winter, which is due out before the end of the year.

Electronic beats mesh with subdued strings, delicate fragments of melodic guitar and choral backing vocals, before the whole thing suddenly erupts, Dane Prewett's bass taking centre stage, forming an ideal platform for Dave Wright's soaring vocals as it builds toward a chorus that mercilessly tugs at the heartstrings: "If I could be yours, I could be honest." It's all over in little more than three minutes, but its ambition is such that it comes across as more of a mini-symphony than a song. Bring on the debut album - this lot are definitely an intriguing prospect.


Terry Malts - 'I Was Not There

Lastly: hold on to your hats, because it's a fairly violent shift from string-laden, emotive balladry to the ripping, snarling punk fury of my final highlighted track for this week. Having made about as smooth a transition as I could manage, allow me to introduce you to Terry Malts.

He's not a man, he's a band; one part drums, one part bass, one part guitar/vox mix. The resulting cocktail is a song called 'I Was Not There', the first track to be taken from the magnificently-titled Nobody Realises This is Nowhere, out on Slumberland Records on September 9th. In and out in 2 minutes and 40 seconds; asks no questions, tells no lies. Deadpan vocals, punchy drums, face-melting riffs and a humdinger of a chorus - essentially everything punk rock should be. What more could you possibly ask for?


This week also features music from Comanche, Ghost Beach, Sean McCann, 1991, M/M, Noble Savage, Space Ghost, Mndsgn., Drip 133, Sales and Knxwledge.