Boy, oh boy, am I glad to be getting this one out of the way. Weeks like this are why I started doing this column in the first place, but holy shit, actually deciding what would make the cut this week was, er, difficult. As you can imagine, I get sent a lot of new music in a week; on my best days, I get to listen to roughly half of it (now that I've left my day job, that amount will increase significantly), but to get an idea of how spoilt for choice I was this week... well, let me just tell you that I had roughly 30 songs to whittle down to the usual 13, and about half of these were in consideration for the Track of the Week slot at some point.

Some decisions had to be made, but honestly, you should put an hour or so aside to listen to the entirety of this week's selection. It's that good, at least in my opinion. Buckle up.

Keep Shelly in Athens - 'Recollection' [Track of the Week]

I've known this was coming for a while - and that seems like forever ago - but Keep Shelly in Athens have finally settled on a date for their album. You should be excited about that full-length, Home (arriving on September 17th via Cascine), as it captures their sound at its most elaborate and accessible, but also throws plenty of new things into the mix.

Get ready to be surprised when the 13-track album (consisting of 100% brand-new material) hits shelves; for now, though, here's the brilliant lead single, 'Recollection', which takes vocal samples, pulsing bass, cut-up choral backing vocals and a loping, hip-hop influenced beat, before mixing them all together in a way that sometimes threatens to overpower singer Sarah P's ethereal vocals. It gets a lot done in four minutes, and is only the tip of the iceberg as far as KSIA are concerned. They've been quiet for a while, but have made their return in style.


Black Light Dinner Party - 'I Was Right'

I happen to be all about returns this week, and the highlighted tracks for this week's edition are all pulled from different ares of the musical spectrum. From dream-pop, we move next to slightly more forceful electro-pop, New York quartet Black Light Dinner Party have been away working on their debut album for quite a while, tossing out singles every now and then to keep fans ticking over, but have now confirmed the September 23rd release of Sons & Lovers, and unveiled album opener 'I Was Right', which, aside from being one of the best-produced songs I've heard all year, shows that the time spent away has helped the band considerably.

They've tightened up their sound, with their melodies more insistent, and their choruses considerably more euphoric. Any electro-pop fan will know that the genre is a crowded playing field, but the band have it in them to deliver one of the best debuts of the year.


Mojo Fury - 'The Distance Between'

Lastly, if you're in the mood for a straight-ahead rock song, then I've got you covered. It's been a couple of years since Lisburn band Mojo Fury were last on the scene - debut album Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus was excellent two years ago and definitely still holds up today - but the quartet have moved on, both in terms of their sound and their scope.

They've set up a PledgeMusic pre-order page for new album The Distance Between, due in October, and revealed the video for its title track, a song which finds them injecting some math-rock influence into a sound that's already muscular and acccomplished. It's a rather promising taster of the new record, which, going by past form, will be a diverse effort, but it's already looking like their second album will be even better than what's come before.


This week also features new music from Joanna Gruesome, Polarsets, Echotape, Vulkano, Babeshadow, Filligar, Moon King, Sundara Karma, The Black Tambourines and Scenic.