I don't know if you heard, but apparently the royal baby was born this week. Did anyone see this widely reported on any news channels or anything? Seriously, though - I followed the story on Twitter, and from the sounds of things, the coverage from elsewhere made social networking sites look like they were trying to keep things quiet.

There have been many playlists doing the rounds this week that are royal baby-themed, but I'm avoiding that at all costs, obviously. (I'm not sure there's crossover potential in a new music column, anyway.) However, this week's edition of New Music Friday probably is fit for a king; we've had another strong week, and it's my job to bring you the best of it, so let's get into it, and find out what I've crowned my favourite song of the week...

rRoxymore - 'FltNordf' [Track of the Week]

You wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that the creator of this week's Track of the Week has been chosen to remix one of the tracks from The Knife's Shaking the Habitual - after all, rRoxymore's music resides in a similar world. Just as The Knife are known for pushing boundaries and taking risks that range from the sublime to the ridiculous, so too does Hermione Frank's debut track.

It's a lengthy affair, lasting almost 8-and-a-half minutes, but its finely-textured electronic soundscapes are so compelling that not a moment is wasted as it builds from nothing more than a skeletal beat into a track driven by huge, shifting polyrhythms and an impressively strong melody. It's the lead track from her debut EP, Precarious/Precious, due on August 19th via Human Level - don't miss out.


Tusindfald - 'Kys'

...and now for something completely different. This lot remind me of Mew before they went down the 'extremely ambitious progressive pop' route, but with an added dash of shoegaze thrown in for good measure.

Say hello to Tusindfald: they're Danish, and their name translates into English as 'a thousand fold'. They have an EP due out in the coming months (as a 3-track download and 4-track vinyl single), and here's the title track, 'Kys'. It's dreamy and delicate, driven by hazy guitars and hushed vocals, yet there's also something undeniably powerful about it. It's a very promising introduction - we've known for a while that the Scandinavian regions have a knack for producing pop acts, but 'Kys' serves as a reminder that they're rather good with dream-pop as well.


X priest X - 'Samurai'

The last of my highlighted tracks this week is a very intriguing debut from the Florida-based electro-pop trio X priest X - that's Madeline Priest on vocals, and Saskatchewan's Dave Kazyk and Chandler Strang on production duties.

They've only had an online presence for about 3 weeks, but by the sound of 'Samurai', they'll find themselves gaining traction quite quickly. Priest's vocals are slightly reminiscent of Claire Boucher (aka Grimes), and it brings to mind a more lo-fi version of CHVRCHES; that's some good company to be at this early stage, and hopefully there'll be more where this came from sooner rather than later.


This week also features new music from More Than Conquerors, Lolo, Dream Boys, Crystal Stilts, Polterghost, Leapling, Los Porcos, Blood Sister, Team Cat Food and The Soft.