I'd like to begin this week's edition of New Music Friday with a shout-out to our American readers. I hope you had a great Independence Day yesterday, and also hope you're not all nursing killer hangovers, so that you're free to enjoy the rest of your 4-day weekend (whilst being aware that the rest of the world is very much in envy of you having a 4-day weekend in the first place).

If you're unfortunate enough to be hungover right now, though, the songs that I've picked for the weekly round-up of the best new music around will help perk you up again. The same goes for our readers everywhere else: it's Friday, and you've made it through another week! Time to celebrate.

Embers - 'Part of the Echoes' [Track of the Week]

If your band is good enough to claim Track of the Week in this column once, then you know they've got something great going for them. If they happen to do it twice... well, it's safe to say that you should get on board. I haven't come across a band quite like Manchester's Embers in a long while, and their new single 'Part of the Echoes' showcases their typical muscular sound, but gives it an impressively accessible sheen.

Retaining their epic scope, but injecting their sound with the sort of euphoric drive that goes particularly well with the cinematic video created for the song - the choral backdrop to the pounding drums and purposeful bass just makes it, really - the band have moved into grandiose pop territory, and the results are spectacular. It's released as a single on Monday via Killing Moon, with new track 'Digital Daze' serving as the b-side - make sure you don't miss out.



Our next port of call, far away from a clearly-defined and massive sound, is something wispy and painfully fragile. This is the sound of HOCKEYSMITH, a pair of sisters from Cornwall who live and record in a caravan (no, seriously). I don't know anything else about them, but the mystery surrounding their identity is only half the story.

Their debut track, 'Now I Want To' whilst difficult to pin down properly, can be approximated as an enthralling mix between shoegaze and electronica that raises all manner of questions, but does so with an undeniable gift for melody and atmosphere that results in the duo have stumbled upon one of the most captivating sounds in the UK - one that's so loose and difficult to grasp, yet at the same time possesses power and presence. The chances of HOCKEYSMITH being dragged out into the spotlight sometime soon are very high, but whether they can keep up their mystery is irrelevant - they just need to keep producing songs as brilliant as this.


Kite Club - 'Jupiter Smiling'

A secluded caravan in Cornwall and the bright and vibrant surroundings of Melbourne could not be more different than each other, but they've both served as catalysts for some impressive new music this week. Last, but certainly not least: say hello to Kite Club, an Australian quintet with a vibrant and joyous sound. 'Jupiter Smiling' is the lead track from their forthcoming debut album Fresh Air For Humans, and it's an introduction to their full-sounding repertoire: big drums, twinkling piano, wonderfully harmonised vocals - this track is a great entry point for those intrigued by the band after their Esoteric EP was released last year.

Theirs is a sound which is undeniably summery, and the vibe of this new track can be best summed up by key line, 'Let me show you how it feels to be alive'. The album is sure to be impressive - we may have to wait until late in the year to hear it, but it certainly sounds like an exciting prospect.


This week also features music by Icky Blossoms, Ásgeir, CHERUB, Julie Hawk, Jan Roth, Deafkid, Mercedes, Lion Bark, :PAPERCUTZ and Leon T. Pearl.