I'm in a bit of a celebratory mood this week.

Here's why: a year (and two days) ago, I got my first review published on the 405. It was this. So to commemorate my one-year anniversary as a member of the writing team, and also to mark seven months of this column in its current guise as New Music Friday - nope, not six, because I completely forgot to do something last month - there's a larger helping of new music coming this week. How does 15 tracks sound? Good? Great! Also: today's the longest day of the year, so I guess we can call this the Summer Solstice Edition. I'm sounding very upbeat this week, but there's plenty of variety available in this week's selection if you're not looking for something like that. Let's begin, shall we?

Yo'True - 'The Dough' [Track of the Week]

Fun fact: Ben J. Wood used to be in Tellison, and his former band have gone on to be one of the finest indie-pop bands in the country. It wouldn't be out of the question to suggest that something similar could happen for Wood, albeit in the world of pop - the kind of pop which has brought comparisons to bands like Everything Everything and Metronomy. The supremely infectious 'The Dough' is the lead single from Wild Rice (due on August 5th on Rogues Records), and combines a layered songwriting style with a serious sense of groove - honestly, check out those drums - and (possibly the best part) a cracking, harmony-laden chorus. Have fun having this stuck in your head for the next week.


Drive By Night - 'Play Fake'

They may be from Leeds, but the seeds of Drive By Night were sown in New York last year, formed from the ashes of the excellent Circles. DBN display similar promise; their taut and muscular sound is immediately striking, and debut single 'Play Fake' - released as a free download on July 1st via their Bandcamp - anchors A Weekend in the City-era Bloc Party-esque grandeur to a pulsing programmed beat, moving tensely through its verses before delivering a powerful melodic punch with its chorus. The quartet's new track is packed with promise, and if their new band is anything like what came before, then they're only just getting warmed up.


Saskwatch - 'Your Love'

They certainly took their time in getting here, but it looks like Saskwatch have finally arrived, touching down on UK shores with a performance at Glastonbury next week. If you're going, the Melbourne-based nonet (yes, there's 9 people in the band) are certainly ones to look out for, as they have quite the live reputation back home. They're not too shabby on record either; while I'm as yet unaware of plans for last year's debut album Leave It All Behind to get a UK release, what I can definitely tell you is that the Motown vibes of 'Your Love' certainly deserve to be heard by a wider audience. As you would expect from a line-up that crowded, it's a busy-sounding affair, but is nonetheless full of energy. There's a superb/downright strange video to go along with it too (which, as you can see, I haven't made up my mind on yet).


This week also features music from Phlo Finister, Adam Stafford, SOPHIE, Champions League, Lolo, The Amazing Snakeheads, Cadenza, Bridges and Powerlines, The Drowning Men, TRAAMS, Gabriel Miller Phillips and Radkey.