Hello again, and welcome to another edition of New Music Friday. For me, this week has been about victories. Some of them were small ones, and that's no bad thing; like almost anyone, I'll take what I can get. There were a couple of bigger ones, too: equal marriage rights took a huge step forward in the States - such a thing has given hope to people everywhere. It's been a momentous week in many respects, and the same can certainly be said of the world of music.

This week, there have been more album announcements than you can shake a stick at, and, while things may have slowed down in recent days due to seemingly everyone heading to Glastonbury, this week hasn't exactly been a slouch in terms of new music. It's just as well, as that's what keeps this column going. 13 of the tracks you need to hear this week are below. Enjoy.

King Khan & The Shrines - 'Born to Die' [Track of the Week]

I suppose that's one way to signal your return. The Eastern riff that opens the explosive new song from King Khan & The Shrines is a powerful, potent reintroduction to the band, who have been away for 5 years (5 YEARS?! Has it really been that long?), but are set to return on September 2nd with Idle No More, having signed to Merge Records in the interim. The latest track to be lifted from the album is called 'Born to Die', and (as you may have guessed) no, it is not a Lana Del Rey cover. It's a forceful rock'n'roll song that ventures down some psychedelic avenues as it speeds through its 3 minutes. Their infatuation with brass hasn't worn off - the horn line that enters mid-way through is infectious - and they've even thrown some strings into the mix. There's no two ways about it: KK&TS are back with a bang.


Eliza And The Bear - 'Friends'

There are plenty of songs knocking about that could claim to be the soundtrack of the summer, and if the new track from London's Eliza And The Bear gets any sort of traction behind it, it could join them. 'Friends' could certainly make a late push as it has no fixed release date yet; all I know at the moment is that it's due out via Generator in the next couple of months, but it's poised to make a serious impact when it does arrive. It's the (all-male, bearless) quintet's biggest-sounding track to date, with dynamics reminiscent of the sort championed by bands such as Arcade Fire, choruses that will surely be sung back at them at the likes of Tramlines and Leefest next month, and a fearlessness that hints at them becoming a force to be reckoned with very soon indeed.


Forrests - 'Billions'

It's always interesting hearing whether a band's studio output can measure up to their live performances. There's sometimes leagues between the two, and then other times, bands can strike gold when performing. Having been lucky enough to catch Forrests in action recently, I can tell you that their studio stuff is completely on point. The duo hail from Dublin and are signed to Blast First Petite, through which they will release the Wilder EP on July 8th. I'd share the whole thing with you if I could, but I can't (obviously), so you can get your ears around 'Billions' instead, which comes off as a cross between Fuck Buttons' more immediate material and the widescreen uplift that the likes of Sigur Rós have become known for in recent years.


This week also features new music from Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Scenic, I Am A Camera, cuttooth, Major Napier, Bitchin' Bajas, Vitamins, Alexander, Pousse Mort and Euglossine.