There are some weeks in which I become a mean, green, music-consuming machine. Well, the first two bits aren't entirely true, but I've been all over lots of different things this week. You should also see my current 405 review pile; it'd give a grown man nightmares. My new music pile is no different - I selected this week's 13 tracks from about 30 songs, which was difficult, made even more so by the fact that I've only just now decided on my track of the week. I did a lot of work on this last night, and the version that made it onto the site is actually the third draft. My best ideas often come to me at night - I'm a periodic insomniac, so this works well - but this basically all came together under cover of darkness. No need to keep it a secret any longer, though - let's get started.

Track of the Week: Slow Skies - 'On the Shore'

I heard this on Monday, and it's been in my head all week. Generally, when a song makes such an impact on me, it has to be included here. I'm one of many people who have been falling over themselves to write about the new track from Dublin duo Slow Skies, but I've only just gotten around to it now, mainly because I've been getting hung up on their debut EP, Silhouettes. It sounds just as good as it did upon release, but the lead track from its follow-up, Close (arriving on May 4th), blows the whole thing out of the water. 'On the Shore' is a beautifully melancholic track that strikes a balance between delicate and forceful; even if it never really gets going, it doesn't need to, as its power lies in the intricate arrangement and captivating melody that drives it. The duo have really upped their game - you should be excited about what comes next.

Department M - 'I'll Fax You An Apology'

As excellent as that Slow Skies song is, it wasn't half given a run for its money this week. Owen Brinley may have taken a while to unveil his new project after Grammatics disbanded in 2010, but after introducing themselves with 'pHARMACY' late last year, Department M get going in earnest with the release of debut single 'I'll Fax You An Apology' next week on Leeds-based Hide & Seek Records. It's another example of the skewed pop that Brinley has developed a knack for over the years, but this time, things are given a more electronic twist, with a seriously meaty synth bassline propping the whole thing up, while an industrial undercurrent runs beneath everything else. It features an absolutely huge-sounding chorus, too. The third chapter of Brinley's musical career could end up being his most exciting yet.

SWW - 'Close to the Equator'

London's Sarah Williams White is back, and she's brought with her some more delightful experimental pop. The new song can be downloaded for free from her Bandcamp, but the video is well worth a watch as well, so I've thrown that in - you can check it out below. 'Close to the Equator' is as baffling, head-turning, and intoxicating as her previous material; composed of elements that really shouldn't work, but actually do. Containing an excellent beat and a hook that's quite unusual but can easily get stuck in the listener's head all the same, it sees SWW continue to push the boundaries of what great pop can do; here's hoping there's more where that came from.

This week also features music from Blackbird & the Storm, Swim Deep, Feuerbahn, Killing Fields of Ontario,Kisses, The Hosts, Veronica V, Maundrie Fox, Dream Curtain and Some Ember.