Hello, dear readers. You would probably be surprised to hear that my soundtrack to much of the past week was not a whole ton of new music, as it is most weeks. Instead, there was much sniffling, sneezing, hacking and coughing, as I was unfortunately laid up (on two separate occasions) with a stomach bug. It's why I couldn't provide you all with your fix of new stuff last week. This week, however, normal service resumes. I'm back, and have whittled two weeks of submissions down into the usual baker's dozen of songs that you definitely need to hear this week. It's a diverse bunch, as usual, so there's plenty of scope if you're looking for something to soundtrack your long weekend. So without further ado, let's get things rolling with my Track of the Week...

Track of the Week: Daithi - 'Chameleon Life'

You may or may not be familiar with Daithi Ó Drónai. The Galway based fiddle player made a serious impression on Must Be the Music a few years ago, and he's gone on to forge a career for himself since then, manipulating his chosen instrument in all manner of ways to create music which accurately displays his impressive ambitions. 'Chameleon Life' is his first new material in a while - the break can be explained by the fact that he's signed to Sony and has been working on his debut album, set for release later in the year - and it's an electronic pop smash in the making, featuring Raye on vocals, as well as an irresistibly summery atmosphere. Just as well it surfaced this week - it's well-timed enough to soundtrack many people's summers.

Lorine Chia - 'Fly High'

Moving from Cameroon to Cleveland is a life-changing upheaval, but it's one that Lorine Chia has pulled off with ease; her relocation has sparked what looks like an increasingly promising music career. She collaborated with Chance the Rapper on 'Living in Vain' last year, and 2013 has been all about trying to make her own way. New single 'Fly High' is a slick and succinct R&B track that acts as a primer for her forthcoming Lorine Redux EP; due out in the summer, it will be an opportunity for people to get to know her burgeoning talent. Her new song will do just fine for now, though - she's certainly made something out of travelling halfway around the world and starting anew, and it sounds like this is only the beginning.

Men's Adventures - 'Feeling Bad'

The last of my highlighted tracks for this week is an impressive psychedelic surf-rock track from London's Men's Adventures. The duo of Jimmy Casson and Alfie Smith are releasing their debut EP in a month, and the lead track is a surprisingly uplifting song called 'Feeling Bad'. The lo-fi, cinematic sound adds to the song's easy-going vibes to produce something that's understated yet surprisingly punchy. It's the lead track from Solitary Trip, due for release on June 24th on Dirty Bingo Records; the EP sounds like it's set to confirm Men's Adventures as an up-and-coming band.

This week also features music from Everywhere, New Desert Blues, Rue Royale, Saa, Fractures, Fun Adults, The New Union, Hyetal, Fabienne and Loved Ones.