I seem to spend half my life on trains. That's the major drawback to living somewhere where things don't happen. So I'm headed to Dublin again for another gig, to cap off a week in which - even by the usual standards - there's been a veritable avalanche of new music to get through. I work three days a week (at a non-music-related job, sadly), so it's a wonder how I handle it. This week has been a rare kind, in that instead of just quality or quantity of new music, I've gotten both, which has made selecting tracks for this week's edition rather exciting, if I'm honest. It seems to be telling me that the journey matters more than the destination, but since I've arrived at my choices for this week, let's get started.

Field Harmonics - 'Everyone (edit)' [Track of the Week]

This is one of those songs that comes along every once in a while and stops you in your tracks. As regular readers of this column will know, I'm a fan of electronic pop in its many forms, but the new track from epic45 member Rob Glover, who's gone solo for his Field Harmonics project shows his contemporaries has raised the bar. It's an edit of the two-part closing track on his forthcoming debut album, Walls, and is a dancefloor-ready track which masks its reflective lyrics with crystalline synth melodies and treated vocal hooks; a lesson in how to create a powerfully resonant pop song without the need for an easily discernible chorus. I'm lucky enough to have heard the album - there's plenty more where this came from, and it's just as good. You'll be able to share in my excitement in about a month's time when the album is released via Wayside and Woodland on July 1st.

Y LUV - 'All I Wanna Do'

With the weather I'm currently experiencing - there were cloudless blue skies on two separate days this week (!) - it feels right that I pass on the summery vibes this week, so in addition to the above, you're not just getting a look at the video for a new track by Californian synth-poppers Y LUV, you're also getting a full stream of their new EP, Take the Ride. Look, it's here. Before you go off and acquaint yourself with the 4-track EP, have a look at the clip for lead track 'All I Wanna Do', after which you'll hopefully consider letting a band this good soundtrack your summer.

Laura Welsh - 'Cold Front'

The last of my highlighted tracks for this week is the new cut from a woman who deserves to be absolutely huge, and is probably going to be once she releases her album later in the year. She's got major-label backing - the new single, out on July 15th, is a split release by Polydor and Outsiders - and has delivered a new track which is just as good as the song which lit a fire under her career last year, 'Unravel'. She's worked with Dev Hynes in the past, and for 'Cold Front', Laura Welsh teamed up with Robin Hannibal from Rhye. The results are ever bit as slick and arresting as you would expect from a partnership like that. It's a little more chilled than my two other highlights this week, but is equally deserving of attention; you'd do well to hop on board now before it's too late.

This week also features music from PINS, The Capsules, Yung Life, Strangers, Jackson Scott, SAINT PEPSI, abhi///dijon, All There, Noremac Stonetung and Jeanette Street.