That sound you just heard was me finally crawling out from beneath the mountain of stuff that I've been buried under for much of the last few weeks. Having essentially uprooted my life, I've moved to Dublin and started college and begun getting used to what will hopefully be my base of operations for the next three years. I also suffered a bereavement, which was the reason for the column's absence last week.

As a result of my new schedule and some other setbacks, this week has been very interesting indeed. New surroundings, new routines, and of course, new music: it's all been new this week, and I've been more excited about things recently than I can remember being in a long time. (Warning: this column contains levels of enthusiasm that may be infectious; please proceed with caution.) There are 13 options at the New Music Friday buffet table this week - one of which is a particularly tasty video exclusive...

Buzzard Lope - 'East By East'

It's important for a band to be able to surprise you. Over the years since their formation, Bedford's Buzzard Lope have been nothing if not surprising. Describing their sound as 'a hybrid of jazz, pop and alternative sensibilities', they have unveiled a video for their new single, 'East By East' (out on Monday via Lost Toys Records), and I'm thrilled to have the exclusive on it.

The powerful and evocative track has been given a clip to match, and you can view it below. The song itself is a slow-burning, downbeat number, which initially comes across as a slightly odd choice for the lead single from their imminent album (especially as the last thing they released was the upbeat 'Millstone'), but in deciding to go with something understated, the band, featuring as many as 7 people, have added yet another string to their bow. The album's called Pyrrhic Victories and is due in November - it sounds like it'll be full of surprises.


Kilto Take - 'Mimic'

Also deciding to crawl out of the woodwork with a debut album in November are Hertfordshire's Kilto Take, who have been honing their sound in the studio as opposed to on the stage this year, though support slots with the likes of Loom will certainly have helped to raise their profile.

New single 'Mimic' will appeal to fans of bands such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and very early U2. Yes, there's also a little Joy Division in there - the kaleidoscopic visuals that form the song's video reference the artwork for Unknown Pleasures, among other things. Its sound is bright and punchy, and suggests that the band will be worth keeping an eye on as they gear up for the release of Resolute, due on November 25th on the brilliantly-named Medical Records.


Vimes - 'Celestial'

The last, but certainly not the least, of my highlighted tracks from this week, comes courtesy of German electro-pop duo Vimes, who releasing their new single 'Celestial' at the end of the month - it's due on September 30th as a collaboration between Humming Records and Rough Trade.

They've done well to get the backing of the latter - generally, if Rough Trade are behind a band, then they're primed for big things, and the London-based label would appear to be right on the money when it comes to Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter's brand of techno-influenced pop. They're from Cologne, a city famous for its techno legacy, so there was no escaping that. They've done great things with it, though: the new track opens with an immediate rhythmic hook, before everything drops in at once, synths, bass and drums combining in a manner that's sure to get you moving.


This week also features new music from Shine 2009, Khushi, Civil Protection, Clara Moto, Darlia, Azekel, Dems, Bouts, Neon Windbreaker and Rush Midnight.