New Music Team Picks is a fortnightly feature that sees recommendations for the best new bands from the 405 New Music Team. This edition features Stairs To Korea, Jacques Greene, Hey Sholay, The Willows, Bon Accord, Three Blind Wolves and The Group Sound.

Design by Jack Pearson

504 Name Charlotte jacques-greene
  • Name - Jacques Greene
  • Location - Montreal, Canada
  • Website - Soundcloud

Future-garage? Hyper-dub? Sounds like Burial to me and everyone loves a bit of Burial don’t they? Whatever the terminology is for this wave of vibrant, left-field, electronic music, one man worth a mention is Canadian producer Jacques Greene. He seamlessly bridges the gap between the industrial and often cold nature of his dub-step predecessors with the softer melodies of RnB. It’s easy listening with a pulse; effortlessly cool and heart warmingly beautiful at times. Is the future ... garage?

504 Name Dani hs405
  • Name - Hey Sholay - 'Dreamboat'
  • Location - Sheffield
  • Website - Myspace

And so the resurgence of British guitar music continues, this time with new Sheffield 5 piece, Hey Sholay. But don't panic music lovers, for Hey Sholay are not just any guitar band, oh no. Their devilishly catchy yet intelligent anthemic pop/rock is sure to please both radio bosses AND music snobs like myself. HOORAH!

These past few months have been big for the guys. First, hand-picked by NME to play at Serbia’s EXIT festival alongside acts such as MIA and Arcade Fire, then the release of their debut single, the double a-side ‘Dreamboat/The Bears, The Bees and Clocks’ via Club Fandango.

504 Name Elizabeth Willows_press2
  • Name - The Willows - 'Down River'
  • Location - Cambridgeshire
  • Website - Band Website

Formed just last summer and hailing from picturesque Cambridgeshire, The Willows’ debut self-titled EP instantly evokes a rush of feeling and memories. Haunting vocals, and elements of traditional, folk and roots music come together with a distinctly catchy, pop-infused and unmistakeably beautiful sound. Their mature melodies are reminiscent of Laura Marling’s earlier tracks, but The Willows’ sound is altogether richer, with a somewhat darker quality.

504 Name hector n113950090163_6647249_5603204
  • Name - Stairs To Korea - 'Boy Bear It In Mind'
  • Location - London
  • Website - Band Website

An Icelandic background, beards and spellbinding, English folk-pop, what more could you ask for? I can't say I had asked such a question until listening to North London based Stairs to Korea. Will Vaughan, through the guise of his Moniker, proves that the outcome of innovative, hook-filled pop music and a delicate voice is an irresistible one.

504 Name Jon Bon Accord
  • Name - Bon Accord - 'Glazed'
  • Location - London
  • Website - Myspace

London based musician, Micheal Wright, has been making synthy pop tunes under the name Bon Accord since at least some time around mid-2010. Since then he has put out 3 EPs of material and caught the eye of a number of music blogs. His music ranges from dreamy ambient pop to dancey sunshine soaked gems. Take a listen to his incredibly summery song, Glazed, from his latest EP. You can find more from him over on his soundcloud and bandcamp, with a couple EPs free to download and a sweet looking pink 12" available from a small label called Jukboxr.

504 Name Liz Communion-Three-Blind-Wolves
  • Name - Three Blind Wolves - 'Emily Rose'
  • Location - Glasgow
  • Website - Myspace

A Scottish pedigree is worth its weight in indie gold these days, and Glasgow’s Three Blind Wolves is the next to emerge in the bloodline of new Scottish super-talent (Admiral Fallow, Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks, etc.). The band is apparently in the process of writing and recording their debut full length, which will follow this year’s re-release of “Sound of the Storm” by way of Communion here in the UK and Europe. As a Minneapolitan abroad, I find myself nostalgic for Paul Westerberg, the Replacements, and all things to do with gritty alt-country, folk, and punk. 3BW helps to fill that void, albeit in a wonderfully British way.

504 Name Matthew 215282_10150184089629417_85755064416_6584129_2392212_n
  • Name - The Group Sound - Secret Girlfriend
  • Location - Edmonton, Canada
  • Website - Myspace

The Group Sound are a Canadian four-piece who recently released their debut album Secret Girlfriend via bandcamp. Their name seems to be a reference to a genre of late 60’s Japanese music “Group Sound”, which was used to describe Japanese bands that were heavily influenced by western rock and pop. It is also these influences of 60’s garage, surf, and doo-wop that are the driving force throughout their 10 track album, although there are some modern twists such as reverb soaked guitars and the odd drum machine. The result is a set of simple yet honest songs about girls full of catchy riffs and tasty harmonies.