Welcome to the second edition of New Music Team Picks, a fortnightly feature that sees recommendations for the best new bands from the 405 New Music Team. This edition features Plant Magic Man, Bondax, Monoganon, Gross Magic, Arc In Round, Fatherson and Plant Magic Man.

Design by Jack Pearson

504 Name Dani 59135_117832004938060_117831164938144_104318_7340229_n
  • Name - Bondax - 'Just Smile For Me Ft Bobbie Gordon'
  • Location - Lancaster
  • Website - Facebook

George Townsend and Adam Kaye are the future garage production duo known as Bondax. At only 17 years of age, and having already remixed the likes of Chromeo and Last Japan, you could say they're on the right track. They've enjoyed some blog love of late and are prepping for the release of a new 4 track EP out October time. Bondax's 'future garage' sound is a blend of dubstep, house, RnB and of course, garage. Far from your norm.

504 Name hector monoganon
  • Name - Monoganon - 'Eternal See You Soon'
  • Location - Glasgow
  • Website - Bandcamp

I'm an indefatigable sucker for the Scottish accent and luckily John B McKenna, singer/songwriter of Glasgow-based Monoganon, has one of the best. The band's music is an irresistible brand of dreamy-folk led by McKenna's fantastic songwriting and, of course, vocals. As if that wasn't good enough, you can download their LP Monorail free here.

504 Name Jason Gross-Magic-006
  • Name - Gross Magic - 'Can't Ignore My Heart'
  • Location - Brighton, UK
  • Website - Official Website

Gross Magic (aka Sam McGarrigle) is a Brighton-based musician who seems to have mastered the experimental lo-fi bedroom pop genre (if there even is such a thing). 'Teen Jamz EP' is his debut release, featuring 5 tracks of glitz pop greatness. It's a unique collection of disparate pop styles, mixing 80's influences like Prince and Michael Jackson alongside the more modern fuzz pop and vocal styles of Ariel Pink. You may have heard his excellent track "Sweetest Touch" released last month, "Can't Ignore My Heart" is yet another stand out track from the EP.

504 Name Jon Arc
  • Name - Arc In Round - 'Slow Ceiling'
  • Location - Philadelphia, USA
  • Website - Official Website

If you're someone that likes your pop music to have probably required more than it's fair share of effect pedals, you aren't likely to be disappointed by Philadelphia based shoegazers Arc In Round. The four piece band, fronted by producer and sound engineer, Jeff Zeigler, have put out two EPs already this year featuring a contribution from Kurt Vile and a remix by A Sunny Day In Glasgow. They also have an LP coming out in the coming months which you should keep your eyes peeled for.

504 Name Liz fatherson

I have always expected big things from Kilmarnock three-piece Fatherson. As of late, the modest wheels of indie success appear to be in motion. Since last month's release of the band's new self-titled EP, they have organized a Scottish mini-tour for September and shot a video for their new single, "Hometown". The EP was released via well-known Glasgow indie distributor King Tut’s Recordings, and follows their debut equally wonderful debut Where the Water Meets the Land.

504 Name Matthew Plant Magic Man
  • Name - Plant Magic Man - When We Were Trying to Decide If We Were the Same or Not
  • Location - Los Angeles, USA
  • Website - Bandcamp

While it maybe a stretch to class this as “new music”, Plant Magic Man definitely deserver some more attention. The lo-fi Americana outfit from Los Angeles, have managed to record a staggering 6 EP’s of diy folk pop since 2008. Which have recently been given the best of treatment, being condensed on to a single tape by Irate Panda Boss. There’s even a brilliant video by the ever multi-talented Peter J Brant.