Welcome to the third edition of New Music Team Picks, a fortnightly feature that sees recommendations for the best new bands from the 405 New Music Team. This edition features Ornament Tournaments, Deekie, Antwerp, I Ching, The Happy Jawbone Family Band, Jane Austen Argument and Slow down, Molasses.

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504 Name Charlotte tumblr_lohmg8nHpZ1qhj3x0_1310922729_cover
  • Name - Antwerp - 'Yupik'
  • Location - London, UK
  • Website - Label Website

It's a rare thing when a song can instantly change your state of mood, let alone your state of mind, but this is what happens when you listen to 'Yupik' by London based producer Antwerp. By mixing a variety of genres together, the song takes the unsuspecting listener on a tripped-up musical journey accompanied by a discordant wave of sound which makes you sit up and take notice. Antwerp's music is on a par with that created by Aphex Twin and Battles and though thoroughly bizarre in places, the thumping bass line throughout this track holds together a medley of sweet guitar loops, eerie electronic surges and off-key recorders. It shouldn't work but it most definitely does. The video is pretty trippy too.

504 Name Elizabeth 208117_10150136436031494_322161116493_6869091_1610019_n
  • Name - Jane Austen Argument - 'Under the Rainbow'
  • Location - Melbourne, Australia
  • Website - Bandcamp

This heavily made-up cabaret duo from Melbourne have recently toured with one other than Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, a self-confessed huge fan of theirs. The Jane Austen Argument track ‘Bad Wine and Lemon Cake’ evenmade an appearance on Palmer’s latest live album, the antipodean-themedAmanda Palmer Goes Down Under.The band’s debut EP ‘The Birthing Pyre’ manages to evoke an expertly intertwined set of emotions; it brings to the table heartbreaking and consistently dark, yet also strangely uplifting set of songs. Tom Dickens’ crooning vocals are striking against the twinkling piano backdrop. Stripped-back cabaret noir at its best.

504 Name hector 200434_10150132173259814_18988539813_6346681_6991085_n
  • Name - Slow down, Molasses - 'Feathers'
  • Location - Saskatoon, Canada
  • Website - Blogspot

Slow down, Molasses are much more than just a great name. The Canadian ensemble (the lineup seems to change constantly) create fantastic, bold folk music that is as engaging and distinctive as any I've heard of late. The band have just completed a mini UK tour including a performance at End of the Road Festival and I am kicking myself for having missing them.

504 Name Jason 724211340-1
  • Name - I Ching - 'Drive'
  • Location - London
  • Website - Bandcamp

I Ching is one of those bands who seem to be building buzz in their own quiet little way, slowly assimilating the masses with each listen and leaving people begging for more. The slow buzz, isn't this how it's done nowadays? It seems that without much publicity or little real Bio information known about the band (we know they're named after the ancient Chinese Book of Changes), yet they seem to be gaining mentions in all the right places. To date they’ve played alongside Becoming Real, received minor coverage from Huw Stephens, and will be supporting Neon Indian on his London date next week.

504 Name Jon tumblr_lqormmwoah1qew2mt_1314615527_cover
  • Name - Deekie - 'The Wedding Song'
  • Location - London
  • Website - Bandcamp

Atmospheric landscapes of droney ambient synths and reverb heavy instrument samples, held together with minimal percussive elements and sweetened up a touch with some dreamy, haunting vocals. The London based duo, Deekie, manage to incorporate a wide range of sounds and craft it into their very own brand of lo-fi ambient bedroom pop. Theres a handful of EPs over on their bandcamp (free to download EPs at that) that they've been uploading over the past year if you feel like checking those out.

504 Name Liz Liz

Thanks to a tip from the wonderful guys over at Musical Mathematics, I am seven tracks all the wiser. A brilliant new under-the-radar release from the UK's Ornament Tournaments boasts the best of all my favorite subgenres - melodic math-pop hooks and gritty punk undertones. The band's new mini-album entitled Tacheles is available for a "Ron Measley £3" from Bandcamp. There is little in the way of upcoming gigs, as far as I can tell, but keep eyes and ears peeled for the young Horsham three-piece to make some much deserved genre-niche waves.

504 Name Matthew hjfb
  • Name - The Happy Jawbone Family Band - 'Book of Fire'
  • Location - Vermont, USA
  • Website - Official Website

This pick is somewhat inline with my last one. The Happy Jawbone Family Band are another ramshackle pop group with an astonishing rate of output, and July saw them come out with their 5th release ‘OK Midnight, You Win’ recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato. Not only is this release a clear step up in quality, it also marks a departure from the bands previous diy approach of 40 track tapes which could feel slightly impenetrable. How their not already superstars I don’t know.