Sean Draper had been working on her debut record as Pander Sera, Bothy, for years before its release. It contains multitudes of her, most notably meditations on gender—a reflection of her trans identity—and thus took extra time to incubate. When the explosive LP finally dropped early in 2019, it did not mark the end; on the heels of putting out an acoustic cut from the album, she now is ready to reveal a music video for one of its most affecting singles, 'Reset'.

Pander Sera tells us “The visuals for 'Reset' were completed a year or two ago, in between Bothy's first recording sessions and its release. Fittingly, the video explores liminal spaces between death and rebirth by datamoshing various egos and environments. The themes, techniques, and aesthetics of the 'Reset' video would go on to serve as foundational references during the rest of the album's production.”

The clip begins innocently enough with shots of nature, including bees in the throes of pollination. As the looped percussion starts to kick, the frames begin to bleed together, leading to an effect reminiscent of Chairlift’s landmark video for 'Evident Utensil'; you may even notice the Los Angeles artist peeking through the thick technicolor fog. She is a drummer first, followed by her prowess as a producer, which lends to the song’s swirling, ceaseless action. That is, until the final few shots, which return to verdant serenity.

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