Hailing from New Orleans, alt hip-hop artist Grosser is preparing the release of his debut LP, C. His latest single, 'Run,' is a subdued, melancholic track that emphasizes atmosphere and instrumentation, highlighting Grosser's diverse skill set.

With hushed vocals and fuzzy production, 'Run' bears a passing resemblance to the early music of Sam Ray's Teen Suicide project. The track is quick and to the point -- it runs just shy of two minutes -- but Grosser makes full use of the time, conveying a wealth of emotions, many of which can be difficult to capture concisely in a song.

"Run is a song focused on shame, guilt, love lost, and punishing oneself for actions weighing on the psyche," explains Grosser. "In addition, there's intention to communicate how upsetting and debilitating it is when one loses power to alter their condition. I could try my absolute hardest to fix something, exerting all of my energy, and the situation still may not change. For example, if I was trying to communicate sadness to someone, and I was able to write the saddest song in the world, strongly affecting them, it still won’t actually change the reality of our situation. This can be a very defeating truth."

You can stream Grosser's 'Run' up above and be sure to check out his debut LP, C, which is due out later this month.