Recently during an interview it was revealed that Radiohead wanted to move away from the traditional album format and maybe steer more towards EP's. This was met with mixed responses, especially after the 'Harry Patch (in Memory Of)' download, which is hardly a great example of their immense talent. Well Radiohead fans, it seems that we could be getting a new Radiohead EP as soon as Monday! Here's what Consequence of Sound had to say... Basically, the rumors stem from last night’s leak of a potentially new, previously unheard, yet to be confirmed track titled “These Are My Twisted Words”. As we pointed out in our story about it, included with the mp3 file on P2P sites was a “nfo” file, which contained what appeared to be a proclamation of sorts. Also embedded in the file was the date of August 17, 2009 (this Monday). The mp3 itself sported a title that featured “01″ (as in track one), “advance” (as in advance copy), and “woi” (a reference to the phrase “Wall of Ice” which appears twice in the “nfo” file… and perhaps the title of said EP). If you want to get really into the conspiracy theory, like the hardcore Radiohead kids did on the unofficial Radiohead fan site At Ease, there’s also indication that the song contained the same coding as that of the original In Rainbow leaks. "I opened the id3 tag of the mp3 to see if there was anything revealing in the ISRC field it’s noted “GBSTK0900111″; “GB” is for the country, “09″ is for the year, “00111″ is just an id number (unimportant). I googled “STK” and stumbled on this interesting blog post. this guy did the same thing back in 2007 with the mp3s of in rainbows and found out the same ISRC tag with value “GB-STK-07-000##”. The WWW is literally melting with the news of a new Radiohead EP. My guess is that nothing will happen on Monday and that things will blow up in a Chinese whisper sort of a way. Either way, I'll be on my laptop very early come Monday.