Label:Salty Cat Release date: 30/11/09 Website: One of Bristol’s finest indie-pop noisemakers New Rhodes slow down the pace with a cover of Engelbert Humperdink’s ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’. Even if you don’t think you know the song, the recurring beat will start up and get inside your head, leaving you humming it for days. Whether this is a good thing however I’m not sure… A live favourite in the band’s recent acoustic shows, it stays pretty faithful to the original, but is full of a variety of symphonic instruments with glockenspiels, brass and even a flute making an understated appearance under James Williams’ towering vocals. Lounge music may be an acquired taste, but New Rhodes’ trademark spiky pop hooks loom large and keep it just on the right side of respectable. And let’s face it, better they play at Humpeldink than Michael Buble isn’t it? Perhaps not the song you’d expect the four-piece to cover but they seem to be having fun and it’s an agreeable, if not groundbreaking, listen. Just don’t take it too seriously. And as all proceeds go to War Child it’s for a good cause so well worth a download. Especially as the original b-sides, ‘The Bells Of St John’ and ‘Someone Else’, show The Cure-style atmospherics that the band truly excel in. Rating 7/10