Label – Saltycat Release Date – 16.02.09 Link – Myspace here Ah 2005, they were the days, that’s when I went through my New Rhodes phase.  A time when the super tight jingle of ‘From the beginning’ was on heavy rotation at the Melvin house.  They were no one trick pony mind, what about ‘You’ve given me something that I can’t give back’ (an STD perhaps?) and then early 2006 would see arguably their best tune ‘I wish I was you’.  Good times.  No credit crunch, Glasvegas gloom back then mate, it was pure joy.  On any given weekend you would find We are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys, The Sunshine Underground, Kubichek!, New Rhodes and err, Five O ‘Clock Heroes pumping out the Barflys speakers, nice.  Now all these years later New Rhodes are once again taking a stab at the Young Knives portion of the Indie fan market place with ‘The joy of finding and losing that girl’, but have they still got their mojo or are they old news? You’ll never guess what folks, the title track sounds like Jimmy Eat World!! That’s fine by me though, catchy summer smile pop is what I have come to expect from the Brighton gang.  It’s a brilliant way to spend 3 minutes.  B-side number one ‘Primrose Hill’ is a fairly bland meander of a ballad although track 3 ‘Nowhere fast’ soon picks the pace back up in a Paddingtons kind of way. The boys are back and they are still very 2005 but if album number two ‘Everybody loves a scene’ is full of tracks like ‘The joy of…’ then we should be in for a tasty little album to get dancing to.  It’s simple but effective Brit Indie, nice to see you again New Rhodes.