Spellling is Tia Cabral, an experimental musician and producer who put out her debut album Pantheon Of Me last year, which caught the attention of the New York's excellent Sacred Bones label, who have signed her. While she works on her next album, she and her label are celebrating their new partnership by releasing a 7" featuring new song 'Hard To Please' and a cover of Sparks' 'My Other Voice'.

'Hard To Please' is online now, and shows why Sacred Bones would want to add this idiosyncratic artist to their stacked roster. Trading in blocky synths and surprising vocal tricks, 'Hard To Please' is honest expression in both aural and lyrical form for Spellling. Starting out confessional, Spellling dramatically lays down her desires over whizzing and chirruping sounds, before a deadly thump takes control, kicking the song - and Spellling's attitude - up a notch. Her voice then becomes a tunnel of intrigue, luring us deeper into her kaleidoscopic song, giving us a raw glimpse of the personality that is truly 'Hard To Please'.

Spellling's new song also comes with a video that she says is an attempt to “animate the fantasies of the heart high on desire.” She adds: “The video builds a landscape infected by overwhelming passion for an unrequited love.”

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