Tomberlin is a Louisville-based artist who has been writing music since her early years, and starting to cause a little buzz from the time she was about 16. She has caught the attention of Omaha label Saddle Creek, who have signed her and will release her debut album At Weddings on August 10th.

She spent her formative years in Christian school, as she explains: "I was working, going to school, and experiencing heavy isolation," Tomberlin says of the time when she first began writing the songs on At Weddings. "It felt monotonous, like endless nothingness. It was a means to get through to the next step of life."

It perhaps makes sense that the lead single is called 'Self Help', as we can hear Tomberlin singing to herself through her isolation and sadness, drawing strength from her music. She doesn't spare on the harsh imagery, but always told with vitality and grace. Against a back drop of churning and sailing guitars, it makes for a quietly rousing piece. Check it out below.

Pre-order At Weddings ahead of it's August 10th release.