You haven’t really been in love if you have never felt awkward about your advances. Katherine Mills Rymer and Jens Bjornkjaer, the couple that comprises O Future, speak from experience on their new single. “Smell You” comes on the heels of the band’s first new material in years, in the form of the saintly song “Stay.” It also is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their lush symphonics.

“Smell You” is as intimate as you make it. The strings make this a romantic tune, and the unusually high notes create tension—sexual tension, one presumes. Other atmospheric production elements harken back to dusty exotica records from the ‘50s, providing a different layer of sensuality to the mix. Mills Rymer calls it a song “about deep, heavy breathed flirting,” toeing the line of what is appropriate and what is creepy. Bjornkjaer describes it with a more rueful attitude: “It is the intimacy of being close enough to smell someone, but not actually following through. There is a melancholy to that.”

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