New singles label The Blue Rider - which was setup by a couple of XL employees (seperate from the label) - have announced their first release will be from Jagwar Me.

Jono from the band explains the band and the release:

“When I was living in Berlin we would go to a bar called Club Bassy, where they only played vinyl from the 40s/50s/60s and we would dance our pants off. Afterwards we would go to Panorama Bar, where they only play vinyl from the year 2000+ and we would dance our pants off to deep, deep techno and house. There was something about that journey each weekend in Berlin that I really loved and I guess Jagwar Ma follows that in a way: I wanted to start a project that somehow combined those two unlikely worlds.

"‘Come Save Me’ was forged on samplers and realised with a Fender Jaguar and Gabriel Winterfield’s voice, so the track was almost done when I was on my way back to Sydney. I stopped off in LA to see my old friend Stella Mozgawa and played her the track. She loved it, so I asked her to play some hi hats in the outro – which she did like an 808 drum machine ‘cos she is a freak – and it sounded amazing. It took 3 minutes to do.

"Ewan Pearson heard the track and he said ‘I’ll mix this for you.’ So he did. Ewan sprinkled a bit of magic into the track (and b-side) as he always does.

"It's a break up song I guess.... you know, feeling like shit and hurting over really happy music. Something like that.”

'Come Save Me' / 'What Love?' will be released digitally and as a limited edition 7” on February 27th. You can listen to both tracks below.