It would be easy to begin this with a cynical quip of some sort indicating the perceived difficulty and futility in sticking to New Year's resolutions. To be more serious, New Year's resolutions are a great idea. It's not often that anybody gives themselves a little morsel of time in order to sit back and think, "What have I achieved? What will I achieve?" Thinking about bettering yourself, or learning a new skill, or taking up a hobby, or doing more nice things, these things can only be good for us.

Fun small history lesson: New Year's resolutions aren't new. At the end of the year, the Babylonions made promises to their gods that they would return borrowed items and repay debts. The Romans similarly made promises to Janus, the god after whom January is named. In mediaeval Europe, knights renewed their commitment to chivalry (called the "peacock vow") at the end of the Christmas period. Thanks, Wikipedia.

What's the point of all this? Start thinking about how you spent 2015 - how can 2016 be even better? Endless self-improvement! It's in this spirit that we ask various musicmakers about their New Year's resolutions, from the meditative to the glittery. Cast your eyes below...

Whinnie Williams

My New Year's resolution is to write even better songs and perform even bigger shows! Oh and rescue more dogs.

Kate Boy

  • 1. Start a conversation with a stranger every day.
  • 2. Visit Japan and Brazil.
  • 3. Be a more conscious consumer.
  • 4. Draw more. Make more art.
  • 5. Do 5 things that scare the shit out of us.


My New Year's resolution is to be super content with life every day. Also to stay heaps healthy... Maybe even quit alcohol...

Spook School

Get a glitter cannon. Get a glitter vacuum cleaner. Learn how to play our instruments. In that order.

Cristobal and the Sea

  • Joao: To stop being a "chubber".
  • Leila: To let my moustache grow.
  • Josh: To finally commit to being a smoker.
  • Ale: To become a vegan, although I first need to become a vegetarian.


My New Year's resolution is to do a show in Tokyo.

Lil Bub

More magic.

Du Blonde

Learn to drive, and drive across America alone.


Break bad habits and adopt news ones. Mine in particular is to stop smoking!

Lili N

I never believed in resolutions for the new year, but this time it's different. I hope to learn how to listen more, observe what's around me at all times and strive to be a more honest artist. There is so much happening in the world, so many ways to find out and get lost in information. I will try my best to keep myself updated and stay on top of everything concerning my generation and its evolution. Last but not least, I want to learn and grow my own food and meditate every day for at least 1 hour!

The By Gods

We're gonna aim for playing at least 150 dates next year and tour overseas. Tye is going on a diet. George is getting hair plugs. Natalie is going to learn how to play the bass.

Michael from Monogold

Think less. Play more. Eat weirder food. Stop falling asleep on the subway. Make better weed cookies. Swim more.

Tuff Love

Our joint resolution for 2016 will be to both get haircuts and to write some songs!


One of my New Year's resolutions is to make the most of every day, it may sound a bit cliche, but this year if I have had days off I have been way too lazy for my liking! Another of my resolutions is to be more involved in the issues that I believe matter.

Rukhsana Merrise

I have more than one resolution... I want to try and enjoy every day more. Try to stop eating sweets and stop listening to everyone who is trying to get me to stop smoking!

Josie from Claire

My New Year's resolution is to be more courageous and instead of telling myself I can't because I might fail, just try it and see what happens. I'm sometimes a bit too shy so I think this could be fun. I also want to be a bit more organized. I always have problems keeping my stuff together and after years of living without a calendar and due to that sometimes not taking full advantage of my time, this is something I need. I want to have the discipline to actually make it work. Up until now I would write everything down for about one week and after that I would just forget.

Dua Lipa

For my New Year's resolution I wanna do some thing I've never done before. Tick something off my bucket list. But my bucket list is pretty long so it could be from sky diving to selling out my biggest show.

Conquer a fear. Personally, I fear burritos (the whole rice in a wrap thing feels weird to me) but I'm gonna find one burrito somewhere that I actually like for the sake of all my friends that wanna take me out for Mexican.

And finally to travel around the world and to make sure to find time to see at least one landmark in every place I go to when I tour (that's my favourite one. I'm really looking forward to that one.)

Meilyr Jones

I intend to practice composition, learn Italian, and swim in the sea. Also walk every day, and have fun.

Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos

I want to organize my time better so I can stay on top of managerial stuff, write more music, eat better, be a better friend. Everything I want to do comes from better time management!

Palehound (aka Ellen Kempner)

My New Year's resolution for this year is to cook more when I'm home! I used to not be able to cook at all but then last year I got a job as a line cook at a vegan restaurant and learned a ton as well as developed a real liking to being in the kitchen. Ever since the restaurant closed and I lost my job/started touring a lot I haven't been able to spend as much time cooking and have gotten back into the habit of buying frozen food when not on the road. When I have made the time to cook for myself and friends though it's proven to be super fun, therapeutic, and rewarding so I just need to start reminding myself of that when I'm at the grocery store this year I guess.

Stew from Lionlimb

Mine would be to visit my grandmother, go to Cuba, and quit smoking.